Tooth and nail
Encouraging children and adolescents to be more active : Well evaluated complex interventions are still needed
Occlusion therapy for amblyopia : Electronic monitoring of compliance shows that prescribing longer periods of occlusion is not always better
Mental health in disaster settings : New humanitarian guidelines include the needs of people with severe mental disorders
Reform of the coroner system and death certification : Legislation is expected next month
Diagnosing left ventricular hypertrophy in arterial hypertension : ECG has low sensitivity so further tests are needed to detect organ damage
FAMILIAL HYPERCHOLESTEROLAEMIA : Cascade testing is tried and tested and cost effective
FAMILIAL HYPERCHOLESTEROLAEMIA : Child-parent screening may have adverse psychological effects
DIRECT TO CONSUMER ADVERTISING : The world of the market place
MEDICAL MIGRATION : The real elephant in the room
“BARE BELOW THE ELBOWS” : A cheap soundbite
Africans die in pain because of fears of opiate addiction
Future of US children’s health insurance still uncertain
Netherlands considers introducing preconception care
UK does well on giving information to patients but poorly on access to new treatments
Court upholds demand for preimplantation genetic diagnosis
African-American leaders call for action on AIDS in US
GMC guidance on conscience goes too far, says BMA
Medical Research Council appoints new chief executive
Patients win right to have their advance decisions honoured by medical staff
Trusts face spot checks if their treatment of elderly people gives cause for concern
GMC says hospital at fault for failing to provide support
NHS continues to flout rights of disabled people to health care
Doctors who give lethal injections should be punished, says Amnesty
Australian efforts to tackle abuse of Aboriginal children without consultation raise alarm
Industry funded patient information and the slippery slope to New Zealand
Should general practitioners resume 24 hour responsibility for their patients?
An age old problem
Adding fluoride to water supplies
Effectiveness of interventions to promote physical activity in children and adolescents: systematic review of controlled trials
Objectively monitored patching regimens for treatment of amblyopia: randomised trial
Accuracy of electrocardiography in diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy in arterial hypertension: systematic review
Colorectal cancer
Assessment, investigation, and early management of head injury: summary of NICE guidance
Uterine artery embolisation to treat uterine fibroids
Fluoride: a whiter than white reputation?
Power to the people
Dear Ofcare . . .
A burning question
A Journal of the Plague Year
Keeping up appearances
James Hill (“Hamish”) Barber
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Adrian Michael Easty
June Mary Fletcher
Dorothea Koffman (née Herrmann)
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