Gin lane
Tackling alcohol misuse in the UK
Medication errors caused by junior doctors
Doubts about DOTS
Safety of very tight blood glucose control in type 2 diabetes
Structured education for people with type 2 diabetes
MANAGEMENT OF HAEMORRHOIDS : Symptoms govern treatment
LONG TERM OUTCOME OF STROKE : Stroke is a chronic disease with acute events
FOLLOW UP AFTER BREAST CANCER : National randomised controlled trial is needed
QUALITY FAILURES IN THE NHS : The windmills of your mind
QUALITY FAILURES IN THE NHS : Memory is useful only if you consult it
QUALITY FAILURES IN THE NHS : A prescription for amnesia
QUALITY FAILURES IN THE NHS : We must forget all we know
MANAGEMENT OF RECURRENT GOUT : Professional guidelines differ
OTALGIA ARTICLE RIDES AGAIN : Specialists are critical too
OTALGIA ARTICLE RIDES AGAIN : Teeth are rarely to blame
PRESUMED CONSENT AGAIN : Proactive opt-in already exists
CONSULTANT MOTHERS : First courses now available
THE ERRORS IN OUR WAYS : Herpes of the Volvo
CLIMATE CHANGE : Wanted: a green NHS
GP contract delivers on just two of 13 government aims
WHO urges action to fight threat of drug resistant tuberculosis
Study shows difference between antidepressants and placebo is significant only in severe depression
Downward trend in dementia linked to better education and personal wealth
Tests on army volunteers in Israel will be overseen by the health ministry
Scientists meet to agree framework for European biobank
Regulator claims government instructions to foundation hospitals threaten their independence
Pilot scheme asks GPs to give more detail in sickness certificates
95% of women not screened early for sickle cell anaemia
Inquiry finds lack of systematic approach to safety creates risks during childbirth
Countries meet to draw up treaty to ban cluster bombs
US confirms federal authority for safety of medical devices
Quebec task force proposes doctors’ fees
Floods in Mozambique result in cholera and displacement
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Long term efficacy of DOTS regimens for tuberculosis: systematic review
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Effectiveness of the diabetes education and self management for ongoing and newly diagnosed (DESMOND) programme for people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes: cluster randomised controlled trial
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