A legal framework for drug safety
Incentives to quit smoking in primary care
Giving antioxidants to infants with Down’s syndrome
Evaluating laboratory diagnostic tests
Illness in people with intellectual disabilities
Government’s response to the Tooke inquiry into Modernising Medical careers : Lacks a sense of urgency and an explicit timetable
TACKLING ALCOHOL MISUSE : Needs in adolescents
TACKLING ALCOHOL MISUSE : Typical British malaise
DIABETES EDUCATION : Selection bias in cluster trial
DIABETES EDUCATION : Pilot educational interventions
JOINING THE DOTS : National “twin study”
PRIVATE COMPANIES AND GPS : A crucial juncture
PRIVATE COMPANIES AND GPS : An inconvenient truth
Pfizer asks journal for comments made by peer reviewers
UK experts call for system to evaluate diagnostic tests
Company managed to block development of generic drug
UK government will tighten law on trial results after weaknesses found in safety legislation
Demand for prescription drugs in rich areas rises after abolition of charges in Wales
GPs reluctantly accept government’s offer on extended hours as lesser of two evils
China wants to make health care more affordable to poor
Public health doctors press hospitals to evict fast food outlets
Venezuelan doctors resent their government’s importation of Cuban doctors
Rich states “snatch” trained doctors from poor countries
94% of patients suing Merck over rofecoxib agree to terms of company’s offer
Drugs for rheumatoid arthritis may have heart benefits
Hospitals in Gaza have power cuts for 8–12 hours a day
Scientists consider meat pie mammography and self heating bathtubs
There’s no biological alternative, says Parliament
The return of the spoof
Genetic tests for common diseases: new insights, old concerns
Supplementation with antioxidants and folinic acid for children with Down’s syndrome: randomised controlled trial
Effect on smoking quit rate of telling patients their lung age: the Step2quit randomised controlled trial
Empirical evidence of bias in treatment effect estimates in controlled trials with different interventions and outcomes: meta-epidemiological study
Congenital coronary artery disease
Prescribing for older people
Diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer: summary of NICE guidance
Commentary: controversies in NICE guidance on prostate cancer
Don’t add aspirin for associated stable vascular disease in a patient with atrial fibrillation receiving anticoagulation
A wing and a prayer: the tale of an in-flight emergency
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Having a nose for it
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The Unmasking of Medicine
Eduard Aleksandrovich Stepanov
John Short Happel
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Susan Elizabeth Openshaw (née Scott Stokes)