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Prolapsed intervertebral disc
Deficiency of sunlight and vitamin D
Treating migraine in the emergency department
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The emergence of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
EPIDEMIC OF DENTAL ABSCESSES? : Dental abscesses have increased most among poorer people
EPIDEMIC OF DENTAL ABSCESSES? : Patients can’t see a dentist at short notice
NICE ON LIPID MODIFICATION : NICE has overestimated cardiovascular risk
NICE ON LIPID MODIFICATION : NICE’s simplified approach to lipids will not work
DRUG RESISTANT TUBERCULOSIS : Service for drug resistant tuberculosis exists in the UK
PARACETAMOL AND HYPERTENSION : Time to label sodium in drug treatments?
LAW ON UNJUSTIFIED HEALTH CLAIMS : Member states must enforce ban on dubious products
ADDITIVES AND HYPERACTIVITY : Food dyes should be banned
OPIUM PRODUCTION IN AFGHANISTAN : Let’s re-examine buying the Afghan poppies that are left
RETINAL DETACHMENT : Anaesthesia for retinal detachment
CAMPAIGN FOR REAL LECTURES : Using personal experience
CAMPAIGN FOR REAL LECTURES : Chalk and blackboard
CAMPAIGN FOR REAL LECTURES : Beyond bullet points
CAMPAIGN FOR REAL LECTURES : Take the zen approach
THE WORLD IS ROUND : Salute to the stethoscope
NHS reforms have produced “only limited benefits so far”
Review is set up after doctors fail to disclose industry funding
Government pledges extra £34m to tackle health inequalities in England
UK health secretary accuses BMA of distorting government proposals for polyclinics
Health board is found guilty of maladministration by ombudsman for not providing free care
Too few joint patients get clot busting drugs after discharge
Coinfection of tuberculosis and HIV poses global threat
Drop in breast cancer cases in Australia follows fall in use of hormone replacement therapy
Deaths from malaria in children fall sharply in 10 countries
Agencies denounce move by Zimbabwe to ban aid workers
Obstetricians seek recognition for Chinese doctors who pioneered safe abortion 50 years ago
Brazil adopts hard hitting images on cigarette packets in antismoking campaign
Placebo pills for children
BMJ in “smug docs” storm
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A comprehensive service
Best interests and potential organ donors
Adherence to Mediterranean diet and risk of developing diabetes: prospective cohort study
Prolonged conservative care versus early surgery in patients with sciatica from lumbar disc herniation: cost utility analysis alongside a randomised controlled trial
Prolonged conservative care versus early surgery in patients with sciatica caused by lumbar disc herniation: two year results of a randomised controlled trial
Parenteral dexamethasone for acute severe migraine headache: meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials for preventing recurrence
Preventing malaria in travellers
I need my medicine to help me get worse
Management of invasive meningococcal disease in children and young people: summary of SIGN guidelines
Commentary: Controversies in SIGN guidance on management of invasive meningococcal disease in children and young people
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Topical choline salicylates implicated in Reye’s syndrome
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