Setting limits to infinite error
Antipyretic treatment for feverish young children in primary care
Medical law and protection of children
Community treatment orders
Evidence based medicine and the medical curriculum
Translational research
PARACETAMOL WITH IBUPROFEN : Ibuprofen increases soft tissue infections in children
TACKLING HEALTH INEQUALITIES : Closing the gap between generations
TACKLING HEALTH INEQUALITIES : Inequity in the market place
INJECTING DRUG USE IN PREGNANCY : Outcome in infants exposed to methadone in utero
EUROPEAN WORKING TIME DIRECTIVE : Experience of directive in the Netherlands
MANAGING THEORETICAL vCJD RISK : Policy to reduce the risk costs the environment dear
MEDICAL ERROR : Lessons health care can learn from aviation
PHARMA AND MEDICAL EDUCATION : Some progress in UK psychiatry
PHARMA AND MEDICAL EDUCATION : Who else but pharma will fund medical education?
PHARMA AND MEDICAL EDUCATION : Matters arising from industry link to education
HYPERCHOLESTEROLAEMIA (AGAIN) : More reasons for caution with statins and other such
NATIONAL QUALIFYING EXAMS : Authors have missed gap between theory and reality
NATIONAL QUALIFYING EXAMS : The joy of diversity
China’s tainted infant formula sickens nearly 13 000 babies
English patients must consent to on screen records being viewed
Southall is allowed to return to child protection work
Catch-up MMR vaccine scheme nets a quarter of those eligible
Law might change to protect people who have computed tomography scans
Judge allows disclosure of nuclear workers’ medical records after death
Italy plans to publish surgeons’ success rates from next year
Urban children in Ethiopia have better survival rates than rural children
Unicef calls for more action to reduce maternal deaths and morbidity in Africa and south Asia
Germany debates change to law to reduce late abortions
Guidelines call for mystique of HIV testing to be removed
Doctors should be alert to new virulent strain of bacteria
Germany’s plans to reduce use of alcohol provoke protests from industry and politicians
New reported risks add to concern about bisphenol a in plastics and lining of aluminium cans
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America’s health choices
Health and the US presidential campaigns
Valuing the well connected
Meeting the challenge of antibiotic resistance
Paracetamol plus ibuprofen for the treatment of fever in children (PITCH): randomised controlled trial
Paracetamol plus ibuprofen for the treatment of fever in children (PITCH): economic evaluation of a randomised controlled trial
Diagnostic evaluation of people with hypertension in low income country: cohort study of “essential” method of risk stratification
Combined impact of lifestyle factors on mortality: prospective cohort study in US women
Treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection
Diagnosis and management of attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder in children, young people, and adults: summary of NICE guidance
Commentary: Controversies in NICE guidance on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
How effective are some common treatments for traumatic brain injury?
Fatal reactivation of hepatitis B after chemotherapy for lymphoma
Chronic diarrhoea in a teenager
Fear of unemployment
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