A plea for broader perspectives on health
Manchester triage system in paediatric emergency care : Moderate validity could be improved by incorporating physiological parameters
Delays in accessing primary care : Need to be understood to prevent adverse health outcomes
Adverse pregnancy outcomes after treatment for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia : Ablation is safer than excision, but unnecessary treatment should be avoided
Economic evaluation of health interventions : A broader perspective should include costs and benefits for all stakeholders
Long term androgen deprivation therapy in prostate cancer : Benefits should be balanced against associated morbidities and costs
SICKLE CELL DISEASE : Beware of transfusions and hyperhaemolysis
SICKLE CELL DISEASE : Malarial chemoprophylaxis
SICKLE CELL DISEASE : Palliative care
SICKLE CELL DISEASE : Primary or secondary care?
CONSENT FOR PUBLICATION : Simplifying consent for publication of case reports
CONSENT FOR PUBLICATION : What happens to papers rejected by the BMJ on ethical grounds
CONSENT FOR PUBLICATION : Editors and authors vexed and confused by consent
CONTRACT RESEARCH ORGANISATIONS : Truly independent research is impossible
Tobacco firms stopped airline’s smoking ban, documents show
UK strategy is chance “to see health as a bridge to peace”
Acute medical units reduce deaths and stays in hospital
Cigarette picture warnings arrive in UK
Shortage of EEG equipment hampers diagnosis of seizures in babies
Quality improvement scheme hopes to save authority £17m
National institute publishes directory of top researchers
Short intensive radiation courses match standard ones
US health groups protest against ruling proposed by government on conscientious objection
World leaders pledge $3bn in new funds to reduce deaths from malaria to near zero by 2015
Global exhibition will highlight the problem of drug resistant TB
Court is asked to rule on woman in persistent vegetative state
Aboriginal children still have worse health than their peers
Northern Ireland’s use of antibiotics is a third higher than in England
Patient challenges trust’s right to deprive her of NHS treatment
All You Need To Read In The Other General Journals
Will screening individuals at high risk of cardiovascular events deliver large benefits?
The emperor’s new constitution
Why is the press so nasty to NICE?
Communicating about screening
Manchester triage system in paediatric emergency care: prospective observational study
Influence of general practice opening hours on delay in seeking medical attention after transient ischaemic attack (TIA) and minor stroke: prospective population based study
Perinatal mortality and other severe adverse pregnancy outcomes associated with treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia: meta-analysis
Pregnancy outcome in women before and after cervical conisation: population based cohort study
Preparticipation screening for cardiovascular abnormalities in young competitive athletes
Early identification and management of chronic kidney disease: summary of NICE guidance
Commentary: Controversies in NICE guidance on chronic kidney disease
Welcome to Mr Miracle
Paul Antoine (“Tom”) Voûte
Raj Kumari Ahuja (née Khanna)
Leo Joseph Dolan
Graham Hugh Farrington
Ruth Fleminger (née Jackson)
Chi Kai Koo
Joseph Olusola Ayodeji Omotayo
Actions speak louder than words
The i-patient
Health tectonics
A cool drink for an ardent fever
Aphorisms from Latham
Becoming Ben
PRIZE QUIZ: Lung function and physiology