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Two thousand Pakistani women in four years were victims of “honour” killings, study says
Experimental vaccine may have saved Hamburg scientist from Ebola fever
Climate change could overwhelm relief agencies, experts warn
Should doctors recommend automated external defibrillators for use at home after myocardial infarction? Yes
Should doctors recommend automated external defibrillators for use at home after myocardial infarction? No
Mortality and cancer in Porton Down subjects
Mortality in British military participants in human experimental research into chemical warfare agents at Porton Down: cohort study
Cancer morbidity in British military veterans included in chemical warfare agent experiments at Porton Down: cohort study
Eating a light diet during labour
Effect of food intake during labour on obstetric outcome: randomised controlled trial
Environmental waste in health care
Dan Enachescu
MPs and peers criticise justice bill's clause on sharing personal data as too broad
Luxembourg is to allow euthanasia from 1 April
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US healthcare reform may founder over proposal for federal insurance programme
Pope claims that condoms exacerbate HIV and AIDS problem
In brief
The papal position on condoms and HIV
US justice department sues company for off-label promotion of antidepressants for children
Squaring circle time
The greatest torture
Migrants' access to health care needs to be improved, conference is told
Shared electronic patient records pose a serious threat to privacy, report says
Managing UK research data for future use
WHO revises upwards estimated number of TB deaths associated with HIV
NICE calls for end to “reflex” sick notes
Study shows tentative increase in survival from NHS cancer plan
People with learning disabilities were treated “less favourably than others”
Neurological Differential Diagnosis
Former health secretary champions bill to legalise assisted suicide in UK
UN investigators call for inquiry into possible war crimes during Israel's attack on Gaza
Hot tea and increased risk of oesophageal cancer
Diagnosis and treatment of primary hypothyroidism
A woman with sudden headache followed by collapse
Tea drinking habits and oesophageal cancer in a high risk area in northern Iran: population based case-control study
Should hospices be exempt from following national cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidelines? Yes
Screening for MCAD deficiency in newborns
Should hospices be exempt from following national cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidelines? No
Spontaneous preterm birth and small for gestational age infants in women who stop smoking early in pregnancy: prospective cohort study
Uncontrolled studies
Renal tubules
What's your carbon reduction strategy?
Management of hirsutism
Neonatal vitamin A supplementation for prevention of mortality and morbidity in infancy: systematic review of randomised controlled trials
Iceland has highest rates of cure of cancer and Poland has lowest, study shows
Shaky foundations: compromising the NHS
Managing UK research data for future use
PSA testing: press coverage in UK and US is an ocean apart
Eradication of tuberculosis by 2050 impossible without new vaccine
A glimpse of Freud's Vienna
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Banning drugs from NHS stifles new development, drug company says
Blue plaque honours pioneers in holistic medicine
System allows patients to complain about NHS and seek compensation at the same time
Scottish NHS offers cash to get smokers to quit
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