Pregnancy and alcohol misuse
Spain: a decentralised health system in constant flux
Cecil Foggitt
Rukn Uddin Haider
Henry Vincent Corbett
Peter John Holmes Barron
William Robert Anderson Beattie
Health Protection Agency wants action to reduce children's accidents and obesity
IDF's anthrax vaccine trial “violated Helsinki Convention”
Kansas doctor who performed late term abortions is acquitted
Most disputes between insurers and doctors relate to incorrect coding, conference hears
High Court judge overturns GMC ruling on fitness to practise
Inhaled corticosteroids after respiratory syncytial virus infection
Prognosis and prognostic research: Developing a prognostic model
The effect of high dose inhaled corticosteroids on wheeze in infants after respiratory syncytial virus infection: randomised double blind placebo controlled trial
Cauda equina syndrome
Patients and the public deserve big changes in evaluation of drugs
Commentary: Risks of doing as the Romans do
Opening up the primary medical care market
Norman Gibbon
Some auto-injection pens are counterintuitive
Ontological fallacy in heart failure
Methodological considerations and differences according to sex and stroke subtypes
Clarity is needed on which sites to screen
Wanted: age adjusted outcomes
Audit of medical notes may provide direction
A bin is a bin by any other name
Methodological considerations and differences according to sex and stroke subtypes
Five yearly checks for over 40s will save 650 lives a year, says government
Experts call for a global fund for family planning
UN says disruptions to health care in Darfur caused by expulsion of aid agencies may not be resolved
Government must give guidance on care of failed asylum seekers who cannot return home
JAMA 's new rule on whistleblowers creates controversy
“Brain attack”
A breathless man with diffuse chest pain
Sexual Deviation
Comparing length of stay
Excessive wealth is damaging the nation's health
All you need to read in the other general journals
In brief
Genome hacking
A sign of the time
Elementary, my dear Hamish
UK doctors' attitude to assisted dying differs strongly from the public's
It's the fossil fuels, stupid
Mental health services' framework must tackle age discrimination, commission says
Red Cross steps up activity in Pakistan and Afghanistan to deal with increase in casualties
European Commission will look at which pictures work best to help smokers quit
What are coroners and pathologists for?
Southall appeals to overturn GMC's rulings against him
Parametric v non-parametric methods for data analysis
Social deprivation and poor prognosis after cardiac surgery
Social deprivation and prognostic benefits of cardiac surgery: observational study of 44 902 patients from five hospitals over 10 years
Effectiveness and safety of nicotine replacement therapy assisted reduction to stop smoking: systematic review and meta-analysis
Quality in primary health care: a multidimensional approach to complexity
How will the financial crisis affect health?
Evidence of methodological bias in hospital standardised mortality ratios: retrospective database study of English hospitals
Alzheimer's disease
Measuring quality
Trusts are making slow progress in promoting race equality, says Healthcare Commission
School policies to increase physical activity unlikely to reduce obesity, study warns
Rates of infant mortality higher among indigenous children in Canada, the US, Australia, and New Zealand
Commentary: Look after the pennies
UK government agrees 1.5% pay rise for NHS doctors and dentists
Practising safely in the foundation years
Methodological problems in the use of indirect comparisons for evaluating healthcare interventions
Prescribe systemic corticosteroids in acute asthma
Patients in Denmark most empowered in Europe, study says
EU strengthens requirement for patients to get prior approval before being treated abroad
Geoffrey Bennett
William Thomas Walker Lawson
Derek Herbert Isaac
Mary Rosamund Webster (née Thompson)
Sarah Kathryn Groome
Anthony James Allen
Hugh Sutherland Dodd
WHO calls for five year plan to tackle multidrug resistant tuberculosis
Promoting hand washing, stroke prevention, and tobacco control are recognised at BMJ Group award ceremony