Diagnostic strategies used in primary care
Excluding serious illness in feverish children in primary care: restricted rule-out method for diagnosis
Ian Kirkland Hart
Rex Ernest Coupland
Jeevan Muddappa Deyanda
John Moullin Davies
It's time to put the placebo out of our misery
Sheila Margaret Spedding (née Ruell)
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The cup of immoderation
Home birth as safe as in hospital for low risk women, study shows
FDA puts restrictions on an institutional review board after secret investigation
New funding mechanism is launched to combat malaria
WHO policy on antivenom provision in Africa and Asia may result in more deaths, report says
Improving relatives' consent to organ donation
Management of lateral hip pain
Modifiable factors influencing relatives' decision to offer organ donation: systematic review
Doctors as leaders
Does the FDA have the authority to trump the Declaration of Helsinki?
This House believes doctors are neglecting their duty to lead health service change: Seconder
This house believes doctors are neglecting their duty to lead health service changes: Second opposer
This House believes doctors are neglecting their duty to lead health service change: Opposer
This House believes doctors are neglecting their duty to lead health service change: Proposer
Care of refused asylum seekers : Bad news for everyone
Health checks every five years : Ankle brachial pressure index?
Primary medical care market : Destabilisation of primary care with equitable access
Neurogenic bladder dysfunction : Bladder stimulation for neurogenic bladder
Studies on Hysteria : The dark side of Freud's legacy
Investigation of death is set to improve at last
Death certification : Better system in Scotland
Competing interests et al : Stealth advertising and academic stalking
JAMA 's rule needs time limit
All you need to read in the other general journals
Fighting a lost cause?
Patent pools: an idea whose time has come
In brief
Amnesty International fears for safety of human rights activists in Sudan
West Africa has worst meningitis epidemic for 10 years
Philip Poole-Wilson
Government will still publish hospital standardised mortality ratios despite criticism
Should “body MOTs” and DNA profiling be regulated?
Three elderly patients died from inappropriate drugs, inquest finds
Meeting information needs of patients with incurable progressive disease and their families in South Africa and Uganda: multicentre qualitative study
Guidelines : Diarrhoea and vomiting caused by gastroenteritis in children under 5 years: summary of NICE guidance
Picture quiz : A man with Wegener's granulomatosis and haemoptysis
Perinatal mortality in the Netherlands
Drug Point : Strontium ranelate may cause alopecia
Statistical question : Outcome measures in case-control studies
OnExamination Quiz : Painful joints and osteoarthritis
MPs criticise UK government for backpedalling over UN disability treaty
Pride and prejudice
Safe passage
Six international research bodies form alliance to target chronic diseases
Malnutrition and hunger rise as economic crisis hits world's poorest people
Drug industry protests over need to register trial results
Mental illness—not a laughing matter
Public Health : Betting on health
A quarter of stroke patients are still not treated in a stroke unit
Critical thinking
Sri Lanka's medical facilities overwhelmed by large influx of wounded
At what age should cervical screening stop?
Childhood disability and social policies
Diagnosis in General Practice : Chronic cough in adults
Diagnosis in General Practice : Diagnosis using “test of treatment”
Incidence of cervical cancer after several negative smear results by age 50: prospective observational study
Participation in life situations of 8-12 year old children with cerebral palsy: cross sectional European study
Support team sent to reduce infant deaths in 43 deprived areas