How to handle stress and look after your mental health
Effect of guideline based computerised decision support on decision making of multidisciplinary teams
Eva Marianne Diamond (née Bobasch)
James Arscott Raleigh Bickford
Alan Marsh Barlow
Kenneth Hugh Nickol
Avril Gwendoline Parry (née Clarke)
James Glen Stewart Buchanan
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Judith Mackay
Germany reviews its policy on HPV vaccination for 12-17 year olds
Alcohol linked deaths three times higher than official figures, MPs hear
In brief
Apple withdraws baby shaker game after complaints
Campaigns work to change people's lifestyle
Rwanda launches vaccination drive against pneumococcal disease in under 5s
UN warns that swine flu outbreak could turn into pandemic
New German law bans genetic tests of fetuses for adult illnesses
Millennium development goals are under threat from financial crisis
Investigating hirsutism
Towards earlier diagnosis of dementia
Cardiac resynchronisation therapy for chronic heart failure and conduction delay
Secret Remedies
UK deaths from breast cancer fall to lowest figure for 40 years
All you need to read in the other general journals
Merck disguised “marketing publication” as medical journal to help promote Vioxx, court hears
Clearing out
Deafening silences
A dent in our sobriety
Performance of rapid diagnostic tests for malaria varies widely
Budget lays bare full cost to public services of economic crisis
FDA agrees to ease restrictions on emergency contraceptive
Stop! In the name of love
Commissioner calls for end to detention of children being deported from UK
Emergency doctors and police debate data sharing schemes
£1000 reward
A capital gain for the world's poor?
WHO raises level of alert on flu pandemic
A 4 year old boy with recurrent wheeze and chest infections
A taxi driver with type 2 diabetes
Survival differences after stroke in a multiethnic population
High vitamin C intake may help prevent gout
Baseline self reported functional health and vulnerability to post-traumatic stress disorder after combat deployment
Diagnostic strategies used in primary care
Infectious diseases
Incidence and prevalence
Examination must be thorough
Specialist rehabilitation
Urinary retention
Nicotine replacement, effective?
Why northern Iran?
Role of temperature
And what of opium chewing?
Apply the British Standard
Oncoplastic surgery is promising
The new BMJ online archive
Monitoring mortality
Methodological bias
Neither constant nor a fallacy
Institutional performance
Institutional performance
Method of homicide is associated with psychiatric diagnosis
The 2009 budget and the NHS
Primary care trusts are warned against making “unthinking cuts” in face of credit crunch
What to cut
FDA puts restrictions on an institutional review board after secret investigation
Four layer bandage compared with short stretch bandage for venous leg ulcers
Neurologist fails to quash GMC findings of research dishonesty
Swine flu could come back in more virulent form after summer, European experts say
Health department starts to stockpile masks for clinicians to combat swine flu
Independent sector treatment centres
Long term monitoring in patients receiving treatment to lower blood pressure
Longitudinal community plasma HIV-1 RNA concentrations and incidence of HIV-1 among injecting drug users
Contrasting ethical policies of physicians and psychologists concerning interrogation of detainees
Delivering quality and value in heart failure
The death of DNR
Henk Lamberts
Investing in midwives is essential to reduce maternal mortality in fragile states
Effectiveness, efficiency, and leadership
Swine flu
Hanumappa Sudarshan
WHO raises flu pandemic alert to level 5
Treating failed asylum seekers in the NHS
Malcolm John Lewis
Alan James Mearns
Roy Austen Glover
Cutting truths
John Michael Reid Campbell
Alister Macgregor Nisbet
George Wyllie Howie Jardine
Alexander John Smith
Health minister Ara Darzi pushes innovation in the NHS
NICE launches portal for professionals to access clinical and non-clinical evidence
Staff shortages persist at troubled Mid Staffordshire trust
EU commissioner says pandemic likely, but may not be deadly
US Congress holds hearings on outbreak of influenza A (H1N1)
Confirmation of first person to person transmission of swine flu in UK expected soon