A room with a view
Polycystic kidney disease
Watchdog warns government over inaccurate data on road casualties
GPs should get specific training on dealing with patients' alcohol problems, MPs hear
Merck defends Vioxx in court, as publisher apologises for fake journal
Appointment of Hamburg as FDA commissioner moves a step closer
Commission's inspections of primary care may be overly bureaucratic, GPs warn
Agencies scale up search for alternatives to DDT to control malaria
Permission is given for claim to be pursued 35 years after treatment
Mexico City returns to normality, but cases of A/H1N1 reach almost 2000 in US
John Watson
Reporting of sample size calculation in randomised controlled trials: review
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Cycle to work scheme in the NHS
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Escaping from placebo prison
Time for category of pharmacist consultation and supply
Leadership is not management
If I had a hammer
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New QOF glycaemia targets are achievable and evidence based
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Hackers demand $10m for eight million medical records they are holding “hostage”
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Home based cardiac rehabilitation could improve outcomes
Wit and the lost lessons of history
Waste not, want not
Financial conflicts should be included in online abstracts
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Nancy Loudon (née Mann)
Sheila Margaret Child (née Mclean)
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More than 40% of children in parts of Africa have experienced physical violence
Researchers have failed to ease access to patients' data for research
Number of confirmed A/H1N1 flu cases doubles over one weekend
Folic acid fortification and congenital heart disease
Femur fracture in an infant
Unwell man with abdominal pain
Prevalence of severe congenital heart disease after folic acid fortification of grain products: time trend analysis in Quebec, Canada
The end of lymphatic filariasis?
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Safeguarding NHS standards
Systemic failings in NHS contributed to death of Baby P
Rules on top-up payments risk creating two tier system in NHS, MPs warn
The BMJ, of all places
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Medical Ethics or, a Code of Institutes and Precepts Adapted to the Professional Conduct of Physicians and Surgeons
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More people should be given the chance to die at home, MPs say
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Children's health and the financial crisis
Effect of virtual reality training on laparoscopic surgery: randomised controlled trial
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Rate of serious complaints against UK doctors is higher for those qualifying outside Europe
Human Genetics Commission develops framework for direct to consumer genetic tests
Governments must be pulled up for failings over flu