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A Woman Under the Influence
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Sri Lanka: health as a weapon of war?
NHS must tackle its ignorance over patients with autism, says watchdog
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Diagnosis of dementia
Genetic discrimination in Huntington's disease
Community involvement in dengue vector control: cluster randomised trial
Self administered cognitive screening test (TYM) for detection of Alzheimer's disease: cross sectional study
Perceptions of genetic discrimination among people at risk for Huntington's disease: a cross sectional survey
Standing up for safety
Miriam Grace Hackman
UK scientific adviser criticises UK planning for flu pandemic
Measles outbreak in Wales will get worse, officials have warned
Only doctors can carry out euthanasia in the Netherlands, ruling confirms
Must do better
Staff satisfaction surveys
Doctors should be alert to needs of patients who may have been trafficked, conference hears
Bring back the SAC
Medical responsibility is key
Correction and transparency of BNF risk charts
Back to square one
MHRA label seems to be illegal
Being useless may be useful
Report warns of gaps in US public health capacity
Is “efficient” and “painless” screening worth the candle?
Australian research council reviews conflict of interest requirements
Women over 75 with fragility fractures should have DEXA
Swedish national study reports improved survival for extremely preterm infants
More than a little extra work
Sudden and unexpected death in a palliative care unit
CPR in a hospice in perspective
Recognition and assessment of coeliac disease in children and adults: summary of NICE guidance
Top 10 scientific innovations showcase museum's centenary celebrations
Report says workforce planning must accommodate part time working for female doctors
A 2 year old girl with fever, cough, and tachypnoea
The management of accidental hypothermia
Incidental finding of lymphocytosis in an asymptomatic patient
Sampling distributions
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
Double trouble
All you need to read in the other general journals
Abdel Halim Mohammed Abdel Halim
NICE chief criticises “one size fits all” approach to health promotion
Medical isotope company urges Canadian government to fulfil its promise to build plant
Huge inequalities in access to drugs partly because of intellectual property rights, says UN expert
Now Irish eyes are open
Obituaries: Bee Hooi Tan
Video decision support tool for advance care planning in dementia: randomised controlled trial
Cut to the chase
Patients and staff not fully engaged with commissioning
Palivizumab and the importance of cost effectiveness
Advise use of rear facing child car seats for children under 4 years old
Outcomes for births booked under an independent midwife and births in NHS maternity units: matched comparison study
Independent midwifery care versus NHS care in the UK
Acute leukaemia in children: diagnosis and management
Doctors' group files legal charges against nine French doctors
Conference calls for sanctions and penalties to stamp out “institutional racism” in NHS
Peter Rubin: Getting the regulation balance right
In brief
All doctors practising in the UK will need licence by 16 November
Policies to increase patient throughput have led to more infections, says BMA
UK report into acute kidney injury deaths recommends electrolyte checks in all emergency admissions
GP admits overprescribing painkillers to patients on rehabilitation wards
Career trajectories and black holes
Patient safety campaign adopted by 70% of English trusts in first year
Missing doctors who worked in Sri Lanka conflict zone found in government detention
Rimonabant may induce atrial fibrillation
Vocation: to be prepared to go beyond the call of duty
Topical administration of chloramphenicol can induce acute hepatitis
Allan Hulme
Alan Geoffrey Atkinson
Managers warn that NHS is facing a £15bn shortfall after 2011
UK's largest hospital for children opens in Manchester
Health risks of volunteering
The end of civilisation
Life & Death
NICE reiterates that people with mild Alzheimer's disease should not get drug treatment
Images plus text work best to put people off smoking
Reporting healthcare associated infections should be mandatory, says audit office
World Health Organization declares A (H1N1) influenza pandemic