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Classic confounding conflicts
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Clinic of murdered Kansas abortion doctor will not reopen
Research network aims to tackle chronic disease in developing world
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Funding crisis threatens aid for Pakistan's 2.5 million displaced people
Australia plans to restrict antiretrovirals to high risk cases as swine flu spreads
Famine threatens Horn of Africa as global number of hungry people tops a billion
NHS is told to think radically and move quickly to survive public spending squeeze
Human rights organisation condemns university's attempt to discredit one of its staff
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All you need to read in the other general journals
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In brief
Salaried GPs should not be exploited, conference hears
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US health reform debate is reaching critical phase, says expert
People with inherited heart conditions need better services, report says
If the price is right
Deaths from road traffic injuries will nearly double to 2.4 million a year unless safety measures are strengthened
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Swine flu claims first European death, as cases worldwide rise to 36 00
A renal riddle
Factors associated with mortality in Scottish patients receiving methadone in primary care
Study design
Getting on message
BMA raises opposition to market driven NHS
Is it acceptable for people to take methylphenidate to enhance performance? Yes
Is it acceptable for people to take methylphenidate to enhance performance? No
Health systems and increased longevity in people with HIV and AIDS
Risk of pre-eclampsia in first and subsequent pregnancies
Effect of withdrawal of co-proxamol on prescribing and deaths from drug poisoning in England and Wales
Diagnosing and managing vaginismus
New group aims to detect misuse of statistics by government and media
Men need primary care at work, debate hears
Individual or public good
AIDS epidemic in South Africa may be slowing, survey shows
Specialists recommend counselling women on risks of childbirth after 35
Expert group calls for more funding to tackle malaria
Safety watchdog warns of high dosage errors among children and young people
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Games People Play
UK sees rise in people donating a kidney to recipients they do not know
Funding to improve health in poor countries needs to include local health systems
Women of substance