Campylobacter enteritis (1977)
Cell-free fetal DNA and RNA in maternal blood: implications for safer antenatal testing
Changes in white matter as determinant of global functional decline in older independent outpatients: three year follow-up of LADIS (leukoaraiosis and disability) study cohort
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Largest retailer in US enters healthcare reform debate
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Health outcomes of youth development programme in England: prospective matched comparison study
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Australia plans to restrict antiretrovirals to high risk cases as swine flu spreads
QRISK or Framingham for predicting cardiovascular risk?
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All you need to read in the other general journals
High proportion of trials published in Chinese medical journals are flawed, study shows
Human rights group calls for arms embargo after unlawful attacks in Gaza conflict
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Public support wanes for striking doctors in South Africa
Rich nations are not giving enough for development goals to be met, says UN
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AND (“Allow natural death”)—could it make a difference?
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German agency suspects that insulin analogue glargine increases risk of cancer
Tories may offer patients chance to keep their records on Google
Gene tests should be better regulated, says Lords committee
Gene defects and allergy
Overdiagnosis and mammography screening
Reducing pregnancy and health risk behaviours in teenagers
Filaggrin gene defects and risk of developing allergic sensitisation and allergic disorders: systematic review and meta-analysis
Overdiagnosis in publicly organised mammography screening programmes: systematic review of incidence trends
Effect of unsupervised home based proprioceptive training on recurrences of ankle sprain: randomised controlled trial
WHO researchers start trial on a new drug for river blindness
Libel law in the UK
Chiropractic for paediatric conditions: substantial evidence?
Life expectancy in England between the rich and poor widens for both men and women
Chiropractors: clarifying the issues
Keep libel laws out of science
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House of Lords votes against immunity from prosecution for relatives who help in assisted suicide abroad
WHO to call on nations with high rates of swine flu to move away from testing all suspected cases
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Is systolic blood pressure all that matters? Yes
Is systolic blood pressure all that matters? No
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