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Doctors furious at plans to transfer them to non-NHS provider
NHS still failing to tackle alcohol misuse despite rise in admissions
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Swine flu incidence in England is slowing down
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Philippines joins other developing countries in limiting prices of drugs
Campaigners seek legal assurance on safe water supplies worldwide
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Quality of care in for-profit and not-for-profit nursing homes
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Adverse drug events
Blood transfusion from another person doubles infection risk after CABG surgery
Doctors' skills are tested as British casualties in Afghanistan rise
Private transplantations of NHS organs to be banned in UK from October
Judge rules that birth defects could have been caused by toxic waste from steel works
Jerri Nielsen
Obesity is risk factor in 70 000 new cancers a year in Europe, study shows
“Soda tax” could help tackle obesity, says US director of public health
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Exertional dyspnoea and abnormal chest radiography
Number needed to treat
Palliative care
Norwegian sea
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Marriage A-la-Mode
NHS smoking cessation therapies are effective, review finds
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Health economist calls for new realism in US healthcare funding
Science writer is refused permission to appeal against libel ruling over comments on chiropractors
The law as it stands on assisted suicide could not be clearer
UK offers to help world's poorest countries provide free health care
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Corticosteroids for pain relief in sore throat
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BMJ pico for original research in the print BMJ
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Measles road show visits 12 hot spots in England
What would you ask Andy Burnham?
US judge rules Merck won't face “punitive damages” in first Fosamax case
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The injured ankle and foot
Novel methods to deal with publication biases
Alexander Gordon Bearn
Suryamoni Mitra (née Devi)
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Dorothy Lindsay Smith (née Grieve)
More effort needed to prevent unintentional drug poisoning in children
MPs call for better treatment of court witnesses with mental health problems
Uganda runs out of antiretroviral drugs after shortfall in aid
Security Council votes to name and shame people who abuse children in conflict
Officials watch events in southern hemisphere as swine flu rates in UK slow down