How could I have done that?
Use of serial qualitative interviews to understand patients' evolving experiences and needs
Healthcare associated infections
Alex George Larson
Roger Kirby
Frederick Norman Shuttleworth
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Alan Benjamin Otlet
Donors raise £3.2bn for free health care in world's poorest countries
John Tolland
African leaders join forces to boost fight against malaria
US government opens up online datasets
Doctors explore research potential of blood samples from newborns
Consultants may win right to work in independent sector treatment centres as well as NHS
Management styles
Reliability of patient responses in pay for performance schemes : analysis of national General Practitioner Patient Survey data in England
Gone to pie
Ethics in sports medicine
Improving the use of IT in the NHS
The direct and indirect costs of explosive violence
All you need to read in the other general journals
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Diffuse pleural thickening has new definition for claims
Usefulness of abdominal symptoms in early diagnosis
Symptoms are not early signs of ovarian cancer
Bran's deleterious effects : much ado about nothing
Beware fractures
A/H1N1 and other viruses affecting cystic fibrosis
By any maths would be as weak
Managing neutropenic sepsis
Technique to enable diagnosis
Bridging the chasm
Not a simple answer
In brief
When knee pain is not osteoarthritis
Dr Johnson's “peculiar pleasure”
Now I'm a believer
US survey favours acknowledging medical study ghostwriters
UN seeks $1.5bn and donations of vaccines to help poor nations fight swine flu
WHO outlines strategy for universal healthcare coverage for Asia
European agency approves swine flu vaccines for licensing
GPs are to refer suspected cancer patients for tests in a week under new scheme
Black dog
Contradicting Cochrane
Doctors must report knife injuries to police under new GMC guidance
More advice is needed in dementia care to deal with difficult treatment decisions, say experts
Longitudinal histories as predictors of future diagnoses of domestic abuse : modelling study
Adiposity and weight change in mid-life in relation to healthy survival after age 70 in women : prospective cohort study
A seaman with blindness and confusion
Intracranial pathology
Screening tests
Risky business
Indirectly doing harm
Professor to face GMC over his claim to have seen full trial data
Online video sharing and patients' privacy
Darfuri refugees in Chad have no escape from sexual violence
Access to antiretrovirals among people with HIV in poorer nations approaches 50%
Confessions of an English Opium-Eater
Success of in vitro fertilisation rises as demand increases year on year
Is combining or alternating antipyretic therapy more beneficial than monotherapy for febrile children?
Fall prevention with supplemental and active forms of vitamin D: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
Contribution of smoking during pregnancy to inequalities in stillbirth and infant death in Scotland 1994-2003: retrospective population based study using hospital maternity records
Varenicline and suicidal behaviour: a cohort study based on data from the General Practice Research Database
Patients first
More advice is needed in dementia care to deal with difficult treatment decisions, say experts
Auditors find NHS financial performance good overall
Doctors may share genetic information to help patients' relatives
Teenager who died after having HPV vaccine had a malignant chest tumour
The cost of donated drugs
Alexander Aitken Clark
Ethical care in dementia
David Henry Edwards
David John Thornberry
Philip Michael McAllen
John Kenneth Binns
Christopher Paul Varty
Guy Christopher Brill
Sickest patients to get free social care in their homes, says Gordon Brown
Droughts, conflict, and lack of funding leave millions of east Africans at risk of famine
Funds for UK bodies foster links with institutions in developing countries
Doctors get advice on criticism in the media
Charity campaigns for drug companies to pool patents for newer HIV drugs