James Howard Lewis
Should boys receive the human papillomavirus vaccine? No
Should boys receive the human papillomavirus vaccine? Yes
Osteoarticular infection of the symphysis pubis and sacroiliac joints in active young sportsmen
Evidence based merriment
Cyril Forssander
Scheme offers chance to offset carbon footprint by paying for contraceptives
Selection bias explains seasonal vaccine's protection
Mobile phone use is not linked to brain tumours, large Scandinavian study finds
Complex working environment, not poor training, blamed for drug errors
Fall in swine flu cases may not signal an end of the epidemic, warns Professor Donaldson
Doctors' input is sought as NHS approaches “perfect storm” of funding cuts and rising demand
Dutch doctors speak out about past errors to change culture on patient safety
Fear of minimum alcohol pricing spreading to other countries led to opposition in Scotland
Consortium is praised for turning around health services at Brixton prison
Climate change will increase number of displaced persons, UN agency says
Michael Ernest Nicholas Anfilogoff
John Roslyn Anthony
Arend Jan Dunning
Retrospective analysis of attitudes to ageing in the Economist : apocalyptic demography for opinion formers
Ethical dilemma
Neuraminidase inhibitors for preventing and treating influenza in healthy adults: systematic review and meta-analysis
Neuraminidase inhibitors—the story behind the Cochrane review
Subclinical hypothyroidism after pre-eclampsia
What can we learn from observational studies of oseltamivir to treat influenza in healthy adults?
Women's groups protest against antiabortion rules in US healthcare bill
Why don't we have all the evidence on oseltamivir?
Pushing at the bolted door: a tribute to George Godber
Measles deaths fell by more than 90% worldwide from 2000 to 2008, except in southern Asia
Roche replies to the authors of the Cochrane Review on oseltamivir
Point-by-point response from Roche to BMJ questions
Complications: tracking down the data on oseltamivir
An 11 year old boy with chest pain and fever
Prescriber's narcophobia syndrome: physicians' disease and patients' misfortune
Authors' reply
Display of multiple factors
Painless amputation: history of a discovery that wasn't made
Study design
Ophthalmology in general practice
All you need to read in the other general journals
Injecting steroids is not good
Injections for all?
Diagnose and treat the disease
There is no proved treatment
Gross and net are not the same
Vector control is important
What concerns did staff raise at Basildon?
Medical Capacity Act 2005 should be invoked
Trusts show some progress on tuberculosis but must coordinate their action, report says
Let's not waste more resources
Let's abandon hope
In brief
A lesson learnt
The Canon of Medicine
Behind the pages of clinical research
EU seeks to define its role in global health strategies
Health professionals call on UK government to stop immigration detention of children
A grave matter
Goodbye to the noughties
Angelo M DiGeorge
Please help support the work of Médecins Sans Frontières
UK health professionals unite to combat climate change
Six doctors demand reopening of inquest into death of David Kelly
England's healthcare regulators will start 2010 without chiefs
UK chancellor hints at cutbacks in NHS IT programme
Doctors and scientists demand reform of England's libel laws
Germany launches drug evaluation system, which it considers to be better than NICE
Health ministers from around the world make H1N1 top priority
Only 5% of the world's population is protected from second hand smoke by law, says WHO
Doctors had warned of understaffing at Baby P hospital, inquiry finds
More research is not needed
A woman with acute myelopathy in pregnancy: case outcome
Effect of 20 mph traffic speed zones on road injuries in London, 1986-2006: controlled interrupted time series analysis
Traffic speed zones and road injuries
Commentary: Managing clinicians' assessment
Commentary: Patient's view
Commentary: Complex medical conditions in pregnancy need appropriate multidisciplinary input
Commentary: Learning out of your depth
Mortality from pandemic A/H1N1 2009 influenza in England: public health surveillance study
Commentary: Neurological perspective
Health stories of the decade
Specialist mental health advisers are to be available in job centres
We want raw data, now
Journal of another plague year
Improving outcomes after surgery
World hunger: a reasonable proposal
The association of early IQ and education with mortality: 65 year longitudinal study in Malmö, Sweden
UK hospitals ordered to cut risk of drugs going wrongly into spinal fluid
Record number of people cured of tuberculosis in 2008
Reporting patient safety incidents to be mandatory for English trusts from April 2010
Squeeze on health budgets should not impact on quality of care
Cuts in IT programme are likely to affect computer systems in primary and secondary care
Cuts in NHS funding are spared in the budget, but staff pay suffers
EU calls for uniform action against smoking in public places across all states
Reducing people's vulnerability is key to combating hunger caused by global warming
Opening family courts to media may deter medical expert witnesses
GPs make deals with local NHS to vaccinate children against swine flu
Part of hospitals' funding will depend on patient satisfaction ratings from 2010-11
Effect of listening to Nellie the Elephant during CPR training on performance of chest compressions by lay people: randomised crossover trial
George Clooney, the cauliflower, the cardiologist, and phi, the golden ratio
Darwin's illness revisited
Perceived age as clinically useful biomarker of ageing: cohort study