William Bruce Thomson
John Michael Talbot
Dutch politicians are under pressure to hold “time to die” debate
Medical aid still “absolutely necessary” in Haiti, says top WHO official
FDA restricts use of erythropoiesis stimulating drugs
E-health is booming in developing world
Private firm will operate entire NHS hospital
Asylum seekers in Bangladesh face humanitarian crisis
NHS trust made £300 00 by selling drugs to wholesaler for export
Assisted reproduction means male infertility will continue for years to come
US doctors are lax in treating hypertension, report says
Medical implications of the Taser
Is underdiagnosis the main pitfall when diagnosing bipolar disorder? Yes
Is underdiagnosis the main pitfall in diagnosing bipolar disorder? No
Psychosocial outcomes of three triage methods for the management of borderline abnormal cervical smears
Support the new gatekeepers
Fuelled by risk avoidance
Costs and costing systems
Time to evaluate focal therapy
Don't forget antipsychotics
Oversimplification is dangerous
Primary care research lives
Should β blockers be second line treatment?
New figures show big discrepancies in GPs' funding
Few US medical schools and medical centres are disclosing industry ties
Germany's commissioner for patients calls for register of doctors' errors
NHS should stop funding homoeopathy, MPs say
MPs urge better training of GPs to ensure more rapid diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis
Doctor who failed to spot Baby P's injuries is suicidal, GMC hears
GSK hid heart risks of diabetes drug, claims Senate committee
Obama reveals his health plan ahead of summit
HIV mortality and infection in India
Educational inequalities in mortality over four decades in Norway
Effect of school based physical activity programme (KISS) on fitness and adiposity in primary schoolchildren
Preventing obesity in primary schoolchildren
WHO needs changing
Too many clinical leaders?
Seductions of the WHO safe surgery checklist
We need a safety system (and an operations manual)
No to QOF target of less than 7%, again
Use of full body scanners at airports
Doctors behaving imaginatively
Good and bad coroner stories
All you need to read in the other general journals
Admission of failure
Peter Diggory
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian
Survival of the fittest?
New US county level health rankings aim to spur the public
Countries face “hidden problem” of prescription drug misuse
The draw of dusty tomes
Courts are being used “to litigate a scientific debate,” counsel claims
Gaviscon maker is accused of rigging the market
Management of obesity
Maternal age and diabetes in childhood
Publishing information about ongoing clinical trials for patients
Science, politics, and headlines in the home birth war
Autopsies—why families count too
Cohort studies
Alcohol abuse
Prevalence of xenotropic murine leukaemia virus-related virus in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome in the Netherlands
New campaign is launched in England to increase awareness of tuberculosis
In brief
Chronic fatigue syndrome and human retrovirus XMRV
Lessons and legacies of war
Poor training, staff cuts, and over emphasis on targets led to failures at Stafford hospital, says inquiry
Woman gives birth to two babies in separate pregnancies after ovarian transplant
Scientific advisers are guaranteed academic freedom after protest
Conference plans reconstruction of Darfur's health services in wake of ceasefire
Psychiatrist is suspended from medical register for dishonesty
Smokers to be excluded from Jakarta's free healthcare schemes
Government gives underperforming trusts a year to improve stroke services
A series of unfortunate events
New drugs for old
Helping to stop doctors becoming complicit in torture