Copper deficiency as a treatable cause of poor balance
Improving pharmacovigilance in Europe
Management of refractive errors
James Black
All you need to read in the other general journals
Sanctions for irregular marketing do “really hurt” drug companies, authority says
Proposal to boost number of rural doctors sparks heated debate in Germany
US regulations on sunbeds are set to be strengthened
Up to 75% of epilepsy patients are not treated in many countries, says WHO
Medical abortion becomes available in Italy
Doctor is found guilty of exploiting “desperate” MS patients
Managing sudden death in hospital
Pulmonary embolism
Impact of bariatric surgery on hypertensive disorders in pregnancy
Exercise ECG useful in finding coronary artery disease
Time for a culture change?
Don't forget local epidemiology and guidance …
… and hepatitis B immunisation
Leave Jenner in peace
Reconsider the locum system
UK, wise up
No morbid anatomists remain
Doctors in shaken baby syndrome case are accused of “scientific prejudice”
Xenon shows promise to prevent brain injury from lack of oxygen in newborns
Some countries cut their own spending on health when given health aid
King's Fund praises work on smoking and cancer but says NHS is still “not world class”
Winning poem takes a doctor's life as its inspiration
Tories urge patients to complain to health secretary over cancer leaflets
Doctors may sometimes disclose a patient's genetic information to relatives without permission
Doctors join rally to demand that politicians protect welfare state
At least 25% of elderly residents of German nursing homes are addicted to psychotropic drugs, report claims
Health secretary orders review after muddle over organ donors’?? preferences
An unusual cause of myocardial infarction
Definition of ambulatory blood pressure targets for diagnosis and treatment of hypertension in relation to clinic blood pressure
Evaluation of breast masses in male patients
Differences in clinic and ambulatory measurements of blood pressure
Where are the clinicians when you need them?
On Liberty
Paediatric obstructive sleep apnoea
Great Ormond Street
Primary and secondary outcome measures
How long is a life?
Can the NHS cut costs without substantially damaging the quality of health care? No
Can the NHS cut costs without substantially damaging the quality of health care? No
Can the NHS cut costs without substantially damaging the quality of health care? Yes
The moment of truth
Be wary of patients bearing gifts
Can the NHS cut costs without substantially damaging the quality of health care? Yes
The Black knights
Doctors are told of obligation to report fraud
UK election
Wakefield's “autistic enterocolitis” under the microscope
Does autistic enterocolitis exist?
Removing industrial trans fat from foods
Commissioning in the English NHS
Moments of truth
Recovering from severe brain injury
Access to antimalarial therapy
Researchers transfer genetic material between two eggs
Chiropractors drop their libel action against science writer Simon Singh
Effect of preventive primary care outreach on health related quality of life among older adults at risk of functional decline
Farewell, 12 good men and true
Charles Humphrey Jules Rey
Donald Morley Gambier
John Livingstone Cowan
Peter Murray Kerr
Ronald William Ware
Nebraska prohibits abortion after 20 weeks because of fetal pain
Wellcome Trust is to close its centre for history of medicine
Dutch nurse jailed for seven murders has conviction quashed