Regulations on medical research need to be reinterpreted not rewritten
First TV advert for abortion services prompts anger
CDC says 20% of US citizens visited an emergency department in 2007
NICE Citizens Council debates incentives for healthy behaviour
World Food Programme seeks advice on improving safety of aid delivery
Commission agrees framework to regulate genetic tests sold direct to consumers
New £800 000 study sets out to discover what goes wrong in motor neurone disease
GMC struck off twice as many doctors in 2009 as in previous year
Pan-European organ transplant scheme promises to cut waiting times
Portuguese doctors to be exempt from public posts freeze but services at risk
Tesco backs minimum price for alcohol to curb excessive drinking
Wakefield is struck off for the “serious and wide-ranging findings against him”
Effect on falls of providing single lens distance vision glasses to multifocal glasses wearers: VISIBLE randomised controlled trial
Poor vision and falls
Delayed diagnosis of primary hyperaldosteronism
Should health policy focus on physical inactivity rather than obesity? No
Should health policy focus on physical activity rather than obesity? Yes
When no diagnostic label is applied
Death is final: getting the balance right
A plea for reason
What about community standardised mortality ratios?
Hospitals fit for purpose
Possible misuse of “palliative care” coding
No blind alleys in the clinic
Benefits of viewing the body
What about breastfed babies?
Dietary and nutritional advice
How Scotland targets
Only ignorance stops progress
Remember CURB BADLIP in the UK
What about older people?
Good national data needed
Young adult Americans set to gain expanded access to health insurance
Campaign is launched to reduce number of babies born with HIV
Harold Varmus is nominated to head US National Cancer Institute
FDA proposes to let the sun shine in on its procedures and its processes
WHO agrees new code on ethical recruitment of international health personnel
FDA advisers to assess drug for low sexual desire in women
Swine flu pandemic review panel seeks access to confidential documents between WHO and drug companies
Scientists report first self replicating bacteria with synthetic genome
US heart association endorses active video games
Former Roche employee questions marketing of oseltamivir to businesses
Queen's speech presages independent board for the NHS
Severe perianal ulceration
HIV transmission in serodiscordant heterosexual couples
Study design
Child protection
All you need to read in the other general journals
Good at what we know: doctors are rationed too
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It could happen to anybody: why 20 mph speed limits matter
After Wakefield: the real questions that need addressing
Government promises new money for cancer drugs after NICE rejects liver cancer treatment
The iPad cometh
Toothbrushing, inflammation, and risk of cardiovascular disease: results from Scottish Health Survey
Safety and immunogenicity of AS03B adjuvanted split virion versus non-adjuvanted whole virion H1N1 influenza vaccine in UK children aged 6 months-12 years: open label, randomised, parallel group, multicentre study
Medicalisation costs $77 billion in US, study says
Donor fatigue is slashing access to AIDS care in Africa, warns charity
Company pays over $81m for allegedly promoting topiramate for unapproved uses
Developing countries call on WHO to focus on public health issues not drug patents
Judge rules that cancer patient should have lifesaving surgery
NHS London chief resigns in protest at government axing of plans
New WHO guidelines for the treatment of malaria
BMA criticises latest plans for revalidation
Misconduct is a behaviour, not a state
GMC registration is impractical
Reduction to the absurd?
Suffer the medical students?
Memorable textbooks
Costs of minor ailment schemes
Go for targeted screening
Appalling bias
Proposed bill to reform UK libel law includes defence of public interest
Study of rivastigmine for delirium in intensive care is stopped after deaths
US contingency plans to provide health cover for high risk patients are inadequate