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Historically black US medical schools perform best on “social mission”
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GP who looked after baby Peter missed opportunity to save him, GMC is told
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Do summary care records have the potential to do more harm than good? No
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Number of living organ donations in UK rose by 8% in past year
Giving oxygen in acute myocardial infarction may raise death risk, Cochrane review concludes
More than half of diabetic patients do not get recommended annual tests
Angiotensin receptor blockers are linked to small rise in risk of cancer
Scheme to register all those who work with children is put on hold
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NICE calls for better education on sex and alcohol in schools
Future head of German NICE sets out ambitions for health care
Connections, influence, and passion
Audit office says government should renegotiate PFI contracts to get better value for money
Senior doctors are accused of failing to protect female trainees and patients from a consultant who was the subject of a complaint
Scotland needs tighter controls on locum doctors, audit shows
Netherlands is told to get tough on smokers as cancer mortality stagnates
Global Fund freezes aid to Zambian health ministry
Blood alcohol limit in UK should be reduced, review says
German science minister tries to rescue Lübeck university hospital from closure