Chronic pelvic pain in women
Bacteria in the respiratory tract and wheeze in children
Association of bacteria and viruses with wheezy episodes in young children: prospective birth cohort study
Effectiveness of earlier antenatal screening for sickle cell disease and thalassaemia in primary care: cluster randomised trial
Reporting of euthanasia in medical practice in Flanders, Belgium: cross sectional analysis of reported and unreported cases
Should NHS mental health services fear the private sector? Yes
Should NHS mental health services fear the private sector? No
Michael Black
Neville Stotesbury
Alastair Lowry Macafee
“Closed shop” of NHS is choking attempts to create a meaningful market, says think tank
Claude Neville d'Este Eastes
Purdendu Das Gupta
Malcolm MacIver
Two important points
Improved data collection is needed to support these proposals
Listen to the needs of existing healthcare workers
Focus on the needs of the existing health workforce
Tobacco giant fails to prevent Scottish ban on display in shops
What to do about treatment refusal at 3 am?
“If in doubt treat” is not as easy as it sounds
Obstetricians defend safety of childbirth in Italy
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Protests by staff save Berlin's Charité hospital
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President Obama apologises to Guatemala over 1940s syphilis study
User charges require objective analysis
Dengue outbreak affects more than 7000 people in Nepal
Israeli medical humanitarian group is to share alternative Nobel prize
New doctors' group challenges medical bodies' opposition to assisted dying
In brief
Dutch groups appeal against “irresponsible” plan to exempt small cafés from smoking ban
Ig Nobel awards honour salutary effects of cursing, roller coasters, and bat fellatio
Drug companies must provide “unbiased information” to patients, say MEPs
First antiretroviral patent in global drug pool puts pressure on companies to follow suit
Do drugs have a role in turning indifference into passion?
IVF pioneer Robert Edwards wins Nobel prize
The “OCD bully”
A baby with noisy breathing
Variation in rates of caesarean section among English NHS trusts after accounting for maternal and clinical risk: cross sectional study
Towards an end to stillbirths
Hungry for profit
Variation in caesarean delivery rates
Fight club
The Poisonwood Bible
Confounding in randomised controlled trials
Giving it 10%
Speed cameras “do a good job” in reducing road deaths and injuries
Rosiglitazone and the need for a new drug safety agency
Opera and imaging: none may sleep
Peddling consumption over health: obesity and reality television
Depressed about depression
Confusion and delays beset WHO's management of H1N1 pandemic
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Surgeons' advice will be essential for GP consortiums to succeed, warns royal college
Let's cut some carbon out of health care
Patients with mild Alzheimer's disease should have access to drugs, says draft NICE guidance
Septic arthritis in children
Most OECD countries could save money by improving clinical guidelines and negotiating better drug prices
Psychiatrists are concerned by rise in patients subject to compulsory mental health treatment
King's Fund calls for a more measured approach to reforming the NHS
Association of cerebral palsy with Apgar score in low and normal birthweight infants: population based cohort study
Apgar score and risk of cerebral palsy
Paediatrician in Baby P case will appear before GMC in October
Non-endoscopic screening for Barrett's oesophagus
FDA calls for reforms to bridge the gap between bench and bedside
Demand for crack and cocaine addiction treatment drops
Why don't scientists have the same visa exemptions as footballers, ask Nobel winners
Doctor who spoke out about atrocities in Darfur wins award
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