Prevention and control of chronic diseases
Organ donation
New drugs for hyponatraemia
Fighting big tobacco in Spain
Gruesome by design
Former NHS chief criticises private health insurance “lottery”
Community care networks could help 200 000 more people die at home instead of hospital
Effect on peer review of telling reviewers that their signed reviews might be posted on the web: randomised controlled trial
Adoption, non-adoption, and abandonment of a personal electronic health record: case study of HealthSpace
Doc, my knees give way!
Planning a consultant delivered NHS
A cautious note on household surveys in poor settings
There are two types of disease
Reporting of absolute risk
Absolute v relative risk reduction
Independent public inquiries needed to ensure drug safety
Is open peer review the fairest system? Yes
Is open peer review the fairest system? No
Skewed distributions II
The problem of orphan drugs
What makes an orphan drug?
Open letter to prime minister David Cameron and health secretary Andrew Lansley
Orphan drug pricing may warrant a competition law investigation
In brief
Purple America
Die like an Egyptian
NICE guidance differs, so where next?
All the relevant data?
Spell and write out numbers
Reducing insulin errors
Hypervigilance is needed
Attention has been distracted
Premise is wrongheaded
Don't forget chronic scar pain
Not every child with diabetes needs insulin
Anand Dalal
Roger Brearley
Alan Johnstone
John Fisher Stokes
Ann Lloyd-Jones (née Parry-Williams)
Arthur Hugh Lister
FDA breached integrity over investigation of contaminated heparin
All you need to read in the other general journals
Hospital group admits that its premises were used for illegal transplantations
GMC is tougher on child protection doctors than on those who access child porn, conference hears
Cost of clinical negligence cases is to be met by “no win, no fee” regime in place of legal aid
Stroke patients take part in “milestone” UK trial of stem cell therapy
Surgeons call for identity of knife crime victims to be shared with police
Long term risk for hypertension, renal impairment, and cardiovascular disease after gastroenteritis from drinking water contaminated with Escherichia coli O157:H7: a prospective cohort study
Doctors and climate change
Avoidance of high concentration oxygen in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Thyroid dysfunction
Drug firm's legal action against government advisers is described as “intimidation”
Screening for early detection of lung cancer
US medical training must adapt to reflect modern needs, say workforce planners
Number of deaths from cholera in Haiti nears 1000
GSK lawyer is indicted on charges of obstructing FDA proceeding
Private insurers coming to a television screen near you
Stop exploiting orphan drugs
Gaps in information are impeding progress in cancer care in England
Don't ignore home grown medicine
A hypoglycaemic baby on the postnatal ward
Communicating with deaf people: risk of ill health is increased
Coprescription of clopidogrel and proton pump inhibitors
The relation of price of antiretroviral drugs and foreign assistance with coverage of HIV treatment in Africa: retrospective study
Wide inequities in health are hidden in urban settings, says report
Primary care trusts are likely to “implode” before new structures are in place, doctors' leader says
Commission is set up to consider law on assisted dying
Implantable cardioverter defibrillators after acute myocardial infarction
Managing frostbite
The talisman effect
Prescribing and monitoring lithium therapy: summary of a safety report from the National Patient Safety Agency
Staff who dislike healthcare reforms should go now, says NHS chief
Corruption scandal hits Israeli health service
New charity hopes to provide cheap pulse oximeters to hospitals in poor countries
Coalition says “case is made” for early assessment of prisoners' health