Frequent exacerbations in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Understanding provision of chemotherapy to patients with end stage cancer: qualitative interview study
Commentary: Fixing the policy may not sort out the politics
Cancer drug fund spending varies widely between authorities
Migration of doctors and the “fitness to practise” process
Improving the management of COPD
Pregnancy is a special case
Place of medical qualification and outcomes of UK General Medical Council “fitness to practise” process: cohort study
Climate change, ill health, and conflict
Reporting of eligibility criteria of randomised trials: cohort study comparing trial protocols with subsequent articles
Uncosted, unrealistic strategy
How can it be achieved?
Painful limping and early death
Is growth hormone treatment ethical or cost effective?
Is treating a poorly defined illness ethical?
New Zealand's alcohol plan is less than “half hearted”
Two points of clinical interest
Hospital doctors and nurses should sit with GPs on commissioning boards, say MPs
Number of organ donors rises by 15% in Spain after doctors are given good practice guide
New code requires doctors to disclose all links with drug industry
Electronic patient records are revitalised with new opt-out letter
Health secretary will “pause” and listen to staff over reform bill
Even Stephen: is it Dorrell to the rescue?
Diagnostic dilemma in an elderly woman
Effect of statin treatment on short term mortality after pneumonia episode: cohort study
Management of acute bronchiolitis
Home mechanical ventilation
Steroids and bronchodilators for acute bronchiolitis in the first two years of life: systematic review and meta-analysis
Statins and pneumonia
Office of Health Economics
Power to the people
Dare to know: risk illiteracy and shared decision making
The Gift Relationship
Innovation in healthcare: Finalists reflect a wealth of potential
Paternalistic over-ride
Hip fracture
Control treatments
All you need to read in the other general journals
Chest radiograph (posterior anterior view)
In brief
Use of bombs in populated areas is having a devastating effect on civilians, say reports
Stand up for straight statistics
Doctors' children
GP commissioners must help improve care of emergency surgery patients, say surgeons
We should encourage browsing
Do proposed libel law reforms go far enough?
More people are waiting longer in A&E since targets were dropped
Listening to patients' narratives can help improve quality of psychosis care
Prevention of self harm in adolescents
Economic evaluation alongside randomised controlled trials: design, conduct, analysis, and reporting
Alcohol attributable burden of incidence of cancer in eight European countries based on results from prospective cohort study
Clinical risk prediction of pre-eclampsia
Clinical risk prediction for pre-eclampsia in nulliparous women: development of model in international prospective cohort
Challenges of EU competition law for general practice commissioning
Urgent efforts needed globally to combat the spread of antimicrobial resistance, says WHO
Illness from cold rental housing costs the NHS in England £145m a year
Former chair of RCGP will head government's “listening” panel on NHS reforms
Consultant is suspended for inventing data for drug trial
GMC consults doctors on prescribing cheap unlicensed drugs to save money
Government drops original pledge to boost physical exercise
Three quarters of US citizens believe the health system needs major changes
Methadone is trialled in Afghanistan to try to counter “exponential surge” in heroin use
Whistleblowers' concerns are ignored in care sector, report says
Robert Nicol Traquair Thin
Post-acute care and secondary prevention after ischaemic stroke
Rose Margaret Fraser Stellman
Kenneth Gordon Lowe
Afolabi Michael Sawyerr
Hazel Margaret Finlay
Pamela Mary Spencer (née Bacon)
Alexander Dale Vellet
Lost in transliteration
Effect of withdrawal of co-proxamol on prescribing and deaths from drug poisoning in England and Wales: time series analysis
Not yet in all overdoses with failed resuscitation
Threats and opportunities of the NHS reforms
Lessons from variation can help change health policy
Such data can benefit medicine as well as surgery
How to do it
Don't forget allergy in eczema
Funding aid according to outcomes can improve health in poor countries, seminar hears
Preconception genetic testing should be more widely available, says UK commission
UK committee recommends flexible sigmoidoscopy to screen for bowel cancer