Economic evaluation using decision analytical modelling: design, conduct, analysis, and reporting
Multidisciplinary palliative care in unborn and newborn babies
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China pushes ahead with ban on indoor smoking
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Journal withdraws article after complaints from drug manufacturers
European health ministers focus on migration of health workers
Defence questions validity of evidence against cardiologist facing charges of sex abuse
High Court backs trust's refusal to make an exception to funding rules on social grounds
Bahraini government is misusing health system to deter protests, says charity
US citizens report slightly less sexual activity than in 2002
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Fatal breathing problems are four times as likely in intensive care as in general anaesthesia for surgery
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Through the wasteland: chronic depression
Antenatal corticosteroids in late preterm infants
Effectiveness of antenatal corticosteroids in reducing respiratory disorders in late preterm infants: randomised clinical trial
Primary Care Team of the Year: Primary care that makes a difference
Trusts are failing to implement guidance on improving their staff's health
Obesity surgery data show success in tackling life threatening illnesses
Experts call for more resources to tackle Africa's health challenges in infectious and chronic diseases
Death rate after bowel cancer surgery is higher than previously thought
Half of 10 000 NHS jobs that may be cut are clinical, survey shows
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Child of our time: how childhood now lasts a lifetime
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Peter Higgins
Unexplained variations in hospital admissions must be tackled, report says
Orthopaedic implant company pays £5m order for making corrupt payments to Greek surgeons
Some PCTs recommend GPs limit prescriptions to 28 days
Cut useless medical treatments, says Audit Commission
Using pentobarbital in executions puts the inmates at undue risk of suffering, report says
Abdominal trauma
Overnight closed loop insulin delivery (artificial pancreas) in adults with type 1 diabetes: crossover randomised controlled studies
Closed loop control for type 1 diabetes
Effect of oxandrolone and timing of pubertal induction on final height in Turner's syndrome: randomised, double blind, placebo controlled trial
Management of adult testicular germ cell tumours: summary of updated SIGN guideline
Is nudge an effective public health strategy to tackle obesity? Yes
Is nudge an effective public health strategy to tackle obesity? No
Investigating hyponatraemia
WHO warns anti-smoking campaigners not to become too close to drug firms
Israeli doctors cancel elective surgery in dispute over pay
UK government expects private firms to manage patients' online records
PCTs seek to restrict GPs prescribing high cost drugs
UK lags behind other rich countries in reducing stillbirth rate
Pathologist in G20 inquest admits there was a “compelling association” between push by policeman and heart attack
Malaria patients should be tracked back to their homes to identify hot spots, expert says