NSAIDs and atrial fibrillation
Interpreting and reporting clinical trials with results of borderline significance
Otitis media with effusion (“glue ear”)
The association between venous thromboembolism and physical inactivity in everyday life
Association between provision of mental illness beds and rate of involuntary admissions in the NHS in England 1988–2008: ecological study
Putting research into primary care practice
What did Doppler monitoring study show?
Outcomes not justified by data
Outcomes not justified by data
Savings? What savings?
Savings? What savings?
Disease trackers
Is there evidence that competition in healthcare is a good thing? Yes
UK drug regulator destroys all evidence after 15 years
Is there evidence that competition in healthcare is a good thing? No
Phenazepam is currently being misused in the UK
Rebuttal to editorial saying cancer survival statistics are misleading
Rebuttal to editorial saying cancer survival statistics are misleading
Study finds almost half of Spanish children are overweight or obese
Missed opportunity to advance debate on assisted dying
Call for an evidence based debate on assisted dying
FDA committee votes to withdraw bevacizumab for breast cancer
Infertile couples favour Spain and Czech Republic for treatment because of good supply of donor gametes, study shows
Review of funding for social care in England
In brief
Tobacco companies launch legal action against plain packaging
Late abortion statistics are published after pro-life group wins court ruling
Senators question Medtronic about unreported side effects of spinal protein
A 22 year old man with acute genital oedema and a swollen ankle
Endometrial cancer
A medical icon
Depression in a teenager
Pharmaville—the latest fad in online gaming
Bias in clinical trials
Russia declares “total war” on the country's drug problem
Hopes for a health legacy from the Olympic games should focus on community not sport, says expert
Time to get smart about IT
The inside story on ingested foreign bodies
All you need to read in the other general journals
Denis Rochester Cook
David Reginald Ball
Joan Elizabeth Crawley (née Stewart)
Bryan John Hockey
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Andrew Charles Elliott
Mobile phones are unlikely to cause brain tumours, report says
Obama administration wins first appeal court ruling on health reform
Seeming virtuous on chronic diseases
School's out
Per patient funding would end inequalities in palliative care provision, says review
Medical groups press Bahrain over detention of doctors
Pain: the Gift Nobody Wants
Individuals' contributions to cost of social care in England should be capped, review says
Barbara Starfield
Should our children be sitting comfortably in school?
NCDs and the UN summit
Commentary: Skilled forensic capacity needed to investigate allegations of research misconduct
Doctors back BMA's refusal to join debate on assisted dying
Diabetic ketoacidosis at the onset of type 1 diabetes
Glycaemic control in type 1 diabetes during real time continuous glucose monitoring compared with self monitoring of blood glucose: meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials using individual patient data
Factors associated with the presence of diabetic ketoacidosis at diagnosis of diabetes in children and young adults: a systematic review
WHO urges more countries to adopt large graphic health warnings on tobacco products
World's most vulnerable are being left behind in efforts to reach millennium development goals, says UN chief
Time for optimism
Lansley denies plan to create “super quango” to control the NHS
Grand challenges in mental health are identified
Romantic novels “negate” sexual health advice
Sacked cardiologist takes former employer to High Court
Is there evidence that competition in healthcare is a good thing? No