Jaundice and lethargy in a 26 year old man
NHS financial crisis is “worst ever,” managers warn
Hospitalisation rates explain differences in Medicaid costs across US
Cost and clinical benefit of moving care out of hospital is uncertain, conference hears
New NHS board should leave job of commissioning to clinical groups
Inquest jury seeks to take prescription opioids off Ontario's streets
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Novel polymer used in first artificial windpipe shows promising future
Foundation trust status makes little difference to performance, finds study
New European food labelling rules will help consumers “make more informed decisions”
European Commission bans Egyptian seeds over E coli fears
Vertebroplasty for vertebral fracture
Nodular pleural thickening in a young woman
Guillain-Barré syndrome and adjuvanted pandemic influenza A (H1N1) 2009 vaccine: multinational case-control study in Europe
Effectiveness of vertebroplasty using individual patient data from two randomised placebo controlled trials: meta-analysis
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HPV vaccine may have role in wart treatment
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College of Medicine is Prince's Foundation reincarnated
College of Medicine or College of Quackery?
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Treat mental illness by addressing the causes
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Capturing the art of hunger
Evidence for drugs in mental illness is flawed
Primary care datasets will replace “rumours” about GPs' performance
Vermont moves closer to single payer healthcare financing
Germany allows restricted access to preimplantation genetic testing
Malnutrition soars in Horn of Africa as crisis worsens by the day
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Politicians must explain why services need to close, warns NHS chief
“Field force” to oversee commissioning will comprise more than 2000 people, leaked report shows
Poor treatment of drug addicts in prison costs UK more than £3.5m in compensation and fees
Role of health secretary in future NHS is still unclear, says Liberal Democrat peer
The scam of integrative medicine
Professor files complaint of scientific misconduct over allegation of ghostwriting
German court fines doctor €7000 for death of British patient
The killing of doctors in Iraq must stop
National audit shows improvements in hospital care of hip fracture patients
Future Forum is to examine integrated care and other issues in its next phase of work
Don't just swallow, check the evidence first
Obituary: Syed Ahsanuddin Haider
Diagnosis and management of juvenile idiopathic arthritis
Survival and risk of adverse events in older patients receiving postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy for resected stages II-IIIA lung cancer: observational cohort study
Chemotherapy in elderly patients with resected stage II-IIIA lung cancer
Statin prescriptions in UK now total a million each week
Drug treatment programmes should focus on recovery, says review
Ombudsman upholds eight in 10 complaints about the NHS
Response to multidrug resistant tuberculosis has been too slow