Haiti reconstruction is failing to reduce maternal mortality, report warns
Manufacturer recalls commonly used painkiller amid fears of possible sabotage
Justice Kwablah Awadzi
George Harry Hall
David Campbell Watt
Ronald Eric Douglas Markillie
Mobile phone tracking could help target aid after disasters, study shows
FDA is to hold public meeting to discuss reasons for drug shortages
Tobacco company makes freedom of information request for university's research
Evidence of comparative efficacy should have a formal role in European drug approvals
Effectiveness of adenoidectomy in children with recurrent upper respiratory tract infections: open randomised controlled trial
Ageing, menopause, and ischaemic heart disease mortality in England, Wales, and the United States: modelling study of national mortality data
Adenoidectomy in children with recurrent upper respiratory infections
Does the internet limit or extend the human mind? Probably both
Differences in brain hemispheres deserves more thoughtful approach
Between the Lines: Postponing grief
Sex differences in the risk of cardiovascular disease
A third of Europeans have mental health disorder, study shows
Subjective editorials and clinical reviews require proof of objectivity
Ban against industry ties introduces bias and obscures whole view
Two reasons to be cautious when considering bans on industry ties
Industry tie may be benchmark of quality
Collaboration with industry facilitates useful research that wouldn't happen otherwise
BMJ tackles FDA's mote in eye while ignoring own beam
Conflicts of interest and drug information
Curiousness of increasing obesity and longer life expectancy
Cardiovascular prevention may increase healthcare and other costs
Wrong argument?
How did clinical circumstances change?
US breast cancer mortality is consistent with European data
American Family Physician has prohibited using editorialists with industry ties for over 20 years
Agencies prepare to deal with mental health problems in Libya after 42 years of repression
Trust and health department deny acting illegally over “do not resuscitate” order
London needs to reconfigure its HIV services, says Civitas report
FDA finds breast implants to be safe but calls for better follow-up
What the New England Journal of Medicine did
Overseas companies could run NHS hospitals, emails reveal
Life expectancy varies across WHO Europe region by 16 years
Prosecutors have taken no action over cases of suspected assisted suicide since new guidance was issued
Politicians' role in reconfiguring hospitals should be reviewed, says King's Fund
In brief
Medtronic submits full data on spinal protein to independent scrutiny
Cognitive assessment of older people
The politics of NHS reconfiguration
Anna Karenina
Trans fats: chasing a global ban
Adult and child asylum seekers should be treated with humanity
How do we begin?
Different bodies, different futures
Some uncanny tales
New NICE guidelines for hypertension
Sierra Leone's maternal health reforms fail to deliver free treatment, says Amnesty International
No trivial pursuit
Hugh Dudley
Bahraini doctors start hunger strike over arrests and trials in military court
Evidence is poor that financial incentives in primary care improve patients' wellbeing, Cochrane review finds
Target practice: choosing target conditions for test accuracy studies that are relevant to clinical practice
How should GAVI build on its success?
Time trends in mortality in patients with type 1 diabetes: nationwide population based cohort study
Changes in severity of 2009 pandemic A/H1N1 influenza in England: a Bayesian evidence synthesis
Sample size and power
Views and experiences of men who have sex with men on the ban on blood donation: a cross sectional survey with qualitative interviews
All you need to read in the other general journals
Royal College of General Practitioners launches guide to managing long term conditions
NHS reconfiguration: coming ready or not
The Global Fund resumes grants to China
Facing up to the prescription opioid crisis
Vietnam is urged to close drug detention centres after widespread abuse is discovered
Health bill passes to the Lords with majority of 65 votes
Attempt to strip abortion providers of counselling role is defeated
Former health minister questions why GPs did not sound alarm bells about Stafford hospital
PVL positive Staphylococcus aureus skin infections
A darkly pigmented lesion with recent changes
Should we screen and decolonise contacts of patients with Panton Valentine leukocidin associated Staphylococcus aureus infection?
Gavin James Brown
Julius Cowen
Beryl Turner
Harold Thomas Swan
Francis Caird
Peter Carew Reynell
John Gloster
Campaigning group accuses health department of “obfuscating” over health bill
Action is needed to prevent further increase in cancer cases
Medical staff detained in Bahrain are released on bail after hunger strike
Legal challenge to India's patent laws threatens access to generic drugs, says charity
Health bill changes may restrict public access to information, campaign group warns
Medical tests help reduce sentence of woman accused of murder
UK lifts lifetime ban on gay men giving blood
Doctors need better training to recognise and report torture
Taking non-aspirin NSAIDs in early pregnancy doubles risk of miscarriage, study shows