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Licensed home tests will be introduced to reduce undiagnosed HIV
Gynaecologist is struck off for botching vaginal surgery and dishonesty
New body aims to streamline approval and regulation of research in NHS
Cameron promotes new partnership between research, industry, and the NHS
Brokering a deal to replace Kyoto will take years, EU ministers say
Government has not acted to avoid repeat of Southern Cross care home collapse, say MPs
A third of all cancers in the UK are potentially preventable, finds review
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Child health is under threat from NHS reforms, says report
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Ugandan AIDS care workers realign strategies as Global Fund cuts grants
Commission will tell doctors they can raise concerns about practice even if they have signed secrecy agreements
Health secretary unveils 60 new performance indicators
TB incidence in UK decreases for first time in two decades
Productivity in NHS has been seriously neglected, meeting hears
Research into neglected diseases falls for first time since 2007
Abortion does not increase mental health problems in women, shows review
German health system makes €3.9bn surplus in first three quarters of 2011
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