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Vitamin A supplementation in preschool children and risk of hearing loss as adolescents and young adults in rural Nepal: randomised trial cohort follow-up study
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Glucagon-like peptide-1 agonists
Effects of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists on weight loss: systematic review and meta-analyses of randomised controlled trials
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Antihypertensives in people with gout or asymptomatic hyperuricaemia
Tomma Muhsin
Donald MacLean
Richard Henry Lavelle
Michael Hugh Clement
Mitchell James Notaras
William “Ainslie” Anderson
Antihypertensive drugs and risk of incident gout among patients with hypertension: population based case-control study
Donor identification and consent for deceased organ donation: summary of NICE guidance
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Government distorted research on reforms to disability benefit, says campaign group
Portuguese health system is still too reliant on emergency care, finds review
Axing legal aid for clinical negligence claims will cost the NHS an extra £28.5m a year, says report
Tipping point of too few carers for older people has been reached five years early, MPs hear
Merging hospitals may not have the intended benefits, suggests study
US hospital incident reporting systems do not capture most adverse events
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