Primary screening for human papillomavirus compared with cytology screening for cervical cancer in European settings: cost effectiveness analysis based on a Dutch microsimulation model
French government warns public about drug misuse
Government's plans to avoid unnecessary libel claims don't go far enough, say critics
EU commissioner says he will tighten laws to make cigarette packs less attractive
People over 65 should be screened for atrial fibrillation, say stroke specialists
Europe issues proposals to bring drugs to market faster
TB and HIV services must be fully integrated, says WHO
Doctors may decide that effects of a fetus's sex justify an abortion, says new BMA ethics guide
Glasgow supported self-management trial (GSuST) for patients with moderate to severe COPD: randomised controlled trial
Action plans for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Childhood cough
CDKN2A might be better than telomere length in determining individual health status
For you, commissar, the war is over
We must warn women about the risks of untreated, or ineffectively treated, epilepsy
In brief
Social engagement may be as important as cognitive stimulation therapy in dementia
The media and lay users of health services can improve healthcare delivery in poor and middle income countries
Support is needed for transdisciplinary communication frameworks in poor and middle income countries
The tobacco industry is terrified of plain packs
Complementary medicine treatments should continue to be evaluated in universities
Drop the bill—and then what?
Treatment of varicose veins should not be rationed on the basis of complications alone
Scarcely credible treatments do not merit university attention
Authors' reply to Carradice
Stop digging: CAM modalities have been tested and found wanting
Why is alternative medicine alone under censure?
Resistance of enterobacteria to carbapenem antibiotics is a global crisis
Higher prices and plain packaging are part of plan to halve smoking in France by 2025
Gene therapy provides temporary relief in patient with immune disorder
Doctors and patients complain about severe health restrictions on driving licences
Diesel exhausts may expose city dwellers to raised cancer risk
Raft of public health services is threatened by health bill, say specialists
Physicians call for stronger action on smoking 50 years on from key report
Neonatal ward in Bremen is closed down again after two more deaths of babies
Mobile “life's end” teams start work in Netherlands
Neuroscientist is disciplined for falsifying data about effects of alcohol in pregnancy
Government adviser argues for risk register of NHS changes to be kept private
Magnetic resonance image of the orbit
A man with bloody diarrhoea
Is there a role for acute hospitals in tackling public health?
Malcolm John Aylett
Andrew Charles Skarbek
William Malcolm Ferguson
Robin Evelyn Lawrence
Eric Hugo Strach
Cyril Geoffrey Arthur Thomas
Jean Alison Renwick Boldy
Lloyd Old
How to judge the value of innovation
Incidence rates
Who's afraid of whom?
All you need to read in the other general journals
The medium and the message
The inverse care law
After the bill, what next?
Medicine's Leveson
Guide to Good Health
NHS staff gear up for climate week with energy efficient pledges
Syria: tales of life, death, and dignity
A new landmark for London's East End
Effect of screening on deaths from cervical cancer in Sweden
Colombia's response to healthcare crisis
MPs insist that NHS whistleblowers are protected
Online marketing of medical procedures needs better regulation
Biopsies from one tumour have more genetic differences than similarities, finds study
What outcome for the NHS?
Millennium development goal met early on access to safe water
Donepezil benefits patients with moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease
Mobile phone use and glioma risk: comparison of epidemiological study results with incidence trends in the United States
Risk of atrial fibrillation and stroke in rheumatoid arthritis: Danish nationwide cohort study
Wind turbine noise
British and Danish surgeons advise against using dangerous hips
Health and Social Care Bill 2011: a legal basis for charging and providing fewer health services to people in England
China is urged to compensate people infected with HIV through illegal blood selling
Mothers and babies benefit from smoking ban
Basic healthcare needs of care home residents are being neglected by commissioners
Co-author of Wakefield paper on MMR vaccine wins his appeal against decision by GMC to strike him off
Learn from AIDS and invest in dementia care now to save money later, conference hears
Union urges Spanish doctors to report effects of budget cuts on patient care
Be wary of signing deals for telehealth technologies, conference hears
Scottish physicians withdraw their support for health bill in England
Doctors renew call for “obstinate government” to abandon health bill