Use of population based background rates of disease to assess vaccine safety in childhood and mass immunisation in Denmark: nationwide population based cohort study
Reporting and analysis of trials using stratified randomisation in leading medical journals: review and reanalysis
Prison environment and health
Cosmetic approval
Standardisation of outcome measures (z scores)
Good medicine: homeopathy
Cochrane review says telephone follow-up of heart failure patients is effective
Optimising the value of interventions for populations
Terminally ill people shouldn't have to travel abroad for assisted dying
Redesigning the general practice consultation to improve care for patients with multimorbidity
“World's pharmacy” faces new challenges from Western drug companies
Are the causes of obesity primarily environmental? No
University College London issues new research standards but says it won't investigate Wakefield
Deadline approaches to claim funding in England for continuing healthcare needs
Child mortality falls, but 19 000 under 5s still die every day
Critics condemn proposals to restrict use of social media among health staff
French government wastes €15bn a year on useless drugs, book claims
Family of man with Down's syndrome takes legal action over “do not resuscitate” order
Martin McNicol
Poor science does not explain why papers are rejected
Prediction models for risk of developing type 2 diabetes: systematic literature search and independent external validation study
Preimplantation genetic testing
Industry-university research contracts are damaging
New psychosocial interventions are needed in early dementia
The “curse of the registrar”
We must reclaim public health from private corporate interests
The most important public health debate of modern times
20 mph speed limits are the right policy for sociability, safety, and a healthy population
All systems can be hacked
Time to think about a universal system, again?
Extra safeguards are needed
Safety of vulnerable children could be put at risk
Why have prison needle exchange programmes not yet been rolled out in the UK?
Clinical decision units can provide necessary care of renal colic
Absolute and relative risks
Final hearings begin in epic legal battle over Novartis drug in India
Improvements in US healthcare could save 75 000 lives a year, report says
UK fertilisation authority launches consultation on mitochondrial replacement techniques
European legislators tighten rules on drug safety
Colleges call for screening of all hospital patients to cut toll from venous thromboembolism
Mortality and implant revision rates of hip arthroplasty in patients with osteoarthritis: registry based cohort study
Elsevier improves access to its products in 100 developing countries
Serious complaints against doctors, suspensions, and erasures all fell in UK in 2011
China is nearly ready to produce vaccines for developing world
Private firms are told that NHS in England is open for £20bn worth of business
Reducing emergency admissions: are we on the right track?
Is there equal pay in healthcare? Not if you are a doctor
Too frequent use of painkillers can cause rather than cure headaches
Prevention and management of neutropenic sepsis in patients with cancer: summary of NICE guidance
Diagnosis and management of headaches in young people and adults: summary of NICE guidance
Timothy Joseph Sheehan
Maria C Dunn
Kenneth McLauchlan Stewart
Nigel Frederick Draisey Cooper
Jane Rajan
David John Fitzmaurice
House call
Andrew James Hay
Can Jeremy Hunt please explain?
All you need to read in the other general journals
In brief
American countries face major health problems because of aging and obesity, report says
GMC refers investigator in libel case to fitness to practise panel
Europe's plan to tighten regulation of devices will not reach US standards
Woman is sentenced to eight years in prison for procuring miscarriage
At the bottom of the pile
Researchers find no link between XMRV and chronic fatigue syndrome
Faster reconfiguration of NHS services is needed for next two years says NHS chief
A heart stopping performance
Investigating fertility problems
What factors influence prognosis in children with acute cough and respiratory tract infection in primary care?
Early fluid resuscitation in severe trauma
Primary Sjögren syndrome
US officials warn 39 countries about risk of hantavirus among travellers to Yosemite
Fighting neglected tropical diseases in the southern United States
Authors' reply to Rae and Marwick, Halpern, and Basak
Improving systems to monitor transmitted HIV drug resistance
Flattery will get you everywhere
Oncologist is found guilty of misconduct after 27 year old patient dies in trial
Pressure to keep up macho image might be behind rise in suicides among men
Swedish surgeons report world's first uterus transplantations from mother to daughter
The Egyptian
Patient power needs to be built on strong intellectual foundations: an essay by Nigel Crisp
Use of risk assessment instruments to predict violence and antisocial behaviour in 73 samples involving 24 827 people: systematic review and meta-analysis
How to move to a palliative approach to care for people with multimorbidity
The future of medicine
The Sanity Inspectors
Variations in collecting data on central line infections make comparison of hospitals impossible, say researchers
Number of NHS organisations in the red doubled last year, finds Audit Commission
US drug manufacturers set up joint testing group
Canadian surgeons are warned of legal suits after bariatric surgery
West Nile virus deaths mount in US amid new concerns over renal damage
One in three cases of cancer in patients over 70 are diagnosed at emergency admission
Colonic explosions, chimpanzees' rear ends, and a source of green hair: this year's Ig Nobels