Influence of initial severity of depression on effectiveness of low intensity interventions: meta-analysis of individual patient data
Maximising opportunities for increased antiretroviral treatment in children in an existing HIV programme in rural South Africa
Promotion of physical activity and fitness in sedentary patients with Parkinson’s disease: randomised controlled trial
Effect of telehealth on quality of life and psychological outcomes over 12 months (Whole Systems Demonstrator telehealth questionnaire study): nested study of patient reported outcomes in a pragmatic, cluster randomised controlled trial
Postpartum management of hypertension
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Suspected left sided diverticulitis
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Rise in emergency department attendances not caused by changes to GP contract
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Cemented, cementless, and hybrid prostheses for total hip replacement: cost effectiveness analysis
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Overdiagnosis in screening mammography in Denmark: population based cohort study
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Young adults with shorter telomeres have lower resistance to colds
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Damage to health from hormone disrupting chemicals warrants investigation, say WHO and UN
Campaigners demand mandatory nutritional standards for hospital food
Sudanese doctors’ role in judicial amputation “breaks medical ethics”
GLP-1 based agents and acute pancreatitis
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Physician groups each identify five of their own inappropriate practices
NICE joins campaign for full disclosure of clinical trial data
Winding back the harms of too much medicine
Sedative prescribing among older people doubles with move into residential care, finds study
Inquiry launched into newspaper story about babies on “death pathway”
India tightens regulation of clinical trials to safeguard participants
Research council failed to clearly communicate its open access policy, say peers
Making the best use of administrative data
Mediterranean diets do work, confirms trial from Spain
CABG not PCI for most people with complex coronary artery disease
Spironolactone made no difference to patients with mild diastolic heart failure
In brief
GMC is to get legal power to check English skills of European doctors
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Consultants’ contract of 2003 is my biggest regret, Milburn says
Global cancer risk from Fukushima is low, says WHO
Thousands of medical students in “unacceptable” situation after foundation school allocation error
UK regulator is to take lighter approach to drug advertisements
Regulator is set to call in administrators to rescue Mid Staffordshire trust
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