European drug agency's attempts to improve transparency stalled by legal action from two US drug companies
Charity donations in name of UK doctor killed in Syria rise beyond expectations
Dignitas accepts the first case of suicide for dementia from the UK
Pregnant woman in El Salvador whose life was in danger has been allowed a caesarean section
European clinical trials database gathers pace
Current financial pressures are worst ever, say NHS chiefs
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Study finds small association between statin use and musculoskeletal conditions
Nearly 40% of hospitals missed emergency department waiting time target in last quarter, show figures
Architect of DSM-5 rejects claims it will lead to labelling of more people as mentally ill
Target to start clinical trials within 70 days of approval will take time to achieve, admits minister
States that opt out of Medicaid expansion stand to lose billions
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Poor uptake of hepatitis B vaccine in India has several causes, study finds
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National data on women's health mask inequalities, conference hears
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Institute of Medicine outlines research plan on US gun violence
Report on chemical exposure is criticised for panicking pregnant women
Emphasise benefits of reconfiguration to support change, says report
Sequester to force $1.5bn cut in NIH budget
MPs reject plan to spend £1.2bn of NHS surplus on social care to ease pressure on emergency departments
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Arsenic: the largest mass poisoning of a population in history
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GPs have been unfairly attacked, says outgoing NHS chief