IDEAL framework for surgical innovation 3: randomised controlled trials in the assessment stage and evaluations in the long term study stage
Restoring invisible and abandoned trials: a call for people to publish the findings
IDEAL framework for surgical innovation 2: observational studies in the exploration and assessment stages
IDEAL framework for surgical innovation 1: the idea and development stages
Put your ties back on: scruffy doctors damage our reputation and indicate a decline in hygiene
Severe adverse maternal outcomes among low risk women with planned home versus hospital births in the Netherlands: nationwide cohort study
Use of 5α-reductase inhibitors for lower urinary tract symptoms and risk of prostate cancer in Swedish men: nationwide, population based case-control study
Effect of home based HIV counselling and testing intervention in rural South Africa: cluster randomised trial
Posterior circulation stroke: still a Cinderella disease
Restoring the integrity of the clinical trial evidence base
The effect of rising food prices on food consumption: systematic review with meta-regression
Atrial fibrillation
The family factor
An appalling experience
What is per protocol analysis?
Seasickness: the bane of cruises
Has austerity brought Europe to the brink of a health disaster?
Doctor, interrupted
More drug studies need to include pregnant women, says bulletin
NICE promises on infertility and caesarean section are unmet
Christian de Duve
Improving cancer care in rural India
Why we can't trust clinical guidelines
Should electronic cigarettes be as freely available as tobacco cigarettes? No
Should electronic cigarettes be as freely available as tobacco? Yes
Independent researchers should have right to publish trial results if original researchers don't, campaigners say
E-cigarettes are to be regulated as medicines from 2016
New GMC guidance takes a major, ethically flawed, backward step
Study links poor access to GPs with greater use of emergency services
HPV testing could cut cervical cancers by a third, finds study
Bounty acts responsibly
Hospitals are a place for clinical care, not a marketing opportunity
Products in “Bounty bags” potentially harm newborn skin
Is “nitrofurantoin lung”on the increase?
Pressure mounts for companies to hand over data on antidiabetes drugs linked to pancreatic harm
Doctors accused of being “horrible” over government's cancer awareness campaign
German insurer finds a third of people over 65 take five or more drugs a day
Genes can't be patented, rules Supreme Court
Report into death of pregnant woman denied an abortion blames clinical mistakes rather than Irish law
First reviews are published that are based on the “totality of the evidence”
GlaxoSmithKline fires head of its China based research arm for misrepresentation of data
Shared decision making in a revolutionary child's healthcare journey
Accurate diagnosis and long term management is problem in epilepsy, not cost of drugs
Science ministers discuss the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance
New Zealand leads the way in banning smoking in prisons
Catering for the needs of the new “community surgery,” which includes vasectomy
Tackling the problems of juvenile offenders
National rationing of MRI in Australia has impact on use of CT
Acute leg ischaemia may present without pain in some cases
Don't forget the embalming fluid for treating recurrent infections …
Screening with acetic acid could prevent 22 000 deaths from cervical cancer in India every year
Medical groups voice doubts over changes to gun background checks
Europe recommends ban on common plasma substitute
Hospital trust cut energy bill by £100 000 by switching off lights and closing doors
Poor urban planning is contributing to rising cardiovascular disease in India, study concludes
Dutch doctors get guidance on care of terminally ill newborn babies
Obesity, smoking, and acid reflux are behind doubling in incidence of oesophageal cancer
UK regulators deny claims that their access to oseltamivir trial data was insufficient
Conventional triple therapy as good as etanercept for uncontrolled rheumatoid arthritis
Domestic violence is common among women in fracture clinics
Inhaled adrenaline no better than inhaled saline for babies with bronchiolitis
Tenofovir helps prevent HIV in drug users
Lives lost with every 15 minute delay in thrombolysis after acute stroke
Co prescription of statins and antibiotics linked to extra deaths
Diagnosis and management of first trimester miscarriage
Inguinoscrotal bladder hernia: importance of eliciting a thorough history
Caring for the breathless and other stories …
End the scandal of free medical education
Interventions to enhance self management support
Regulator launches consultation proposals on new hospital inspection regime
Patients we don't like
Australia moves closer to full disclosure of drug company payments to doctors
Regulators can challenge deals that delay generic competition, says US Supreme Court
Independent commission will look at split between health and social care in England
In praise of informed scepticism
Evidence on community based care for people with long term conditions is lacking, say experts
Polypill inventor puts product online after failing to get backing from industry
Why we can't trust clinical guidelines
Responding to intimate partner and sexual violence against women
James Edmond Wraith
Phimosis in childhood
Effectiveness of monovalent rotavirus vaccine in Bolivia: case-control study
Hysteria, hysterectomy, and anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis: a modern perspective on an infamous chapter in medicine
How evidence based are public health policies for prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV?
John Angus Black
In brief
Reporting of industry funded study outcome data: comparison of confidential and published data on the safety and effectiveness of rhBMP-2 for spinal fusion
NHS can help foster safe and innovative medical devices, says report
Consistent food labelling system is rolled out across UK
Health watchdog to look again at reports on maternity services at Morecombe Bay trust
US production of new primary care doctors falls far short of need, study finds
Rollout of health insurance exchanges is behind schedule
New expert group agrees plan to analyse full data on oseltamivir
Pneumonia and pneumonia related mortality in patients with COPD treated with fixed combinations of inhaled corticosteroid and long acting β2 agonist: observational matched cohort study (PATHOS)
Should patients with dementia who wander be electronically tagged? Yes
Should patients with dementia who wander be electronically tagged? No
Anaemia, prenatal iron use, and risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes: systematic review and meta-analysis
Clinical research must include more older people
Should antibiotic prophylaxis after urinary catheter removal be standard practice?
Daily iron during pregnancy improves birth weight
Can you trust your clinical guidelines?
Saying no to chemotherapy
Failure to innovate is “high risk” option for UK healthcare, conference hears
People in mental health crises are treated like criminals, says report
A&E doctor is suspended for nine months after series of incidents that alarmed colleagues
Suicidal memes
Care Quality Commission reveals names of people involved in alleged cover-up decision
Novartis found to be in breach of code over drug brochure
UK needs 10 000 more GPs by 2022 to meet needs, report says