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Trade agreement could lock NHS into competitive market, campaign groups say
Limits on working time reduce interns' surgery experience, study shows
GSK executives admit to bribery and tax crimes, China claims
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Web based surveillance systems could improve disease detection and the response to emerging disease events
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Please give more details in the Minerva case of nicorandil induced perianal ulceration
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Importance of visual impairment after stroke not recognised yet again
What will follow the millennium development goals?
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Don't forget about constipation with opioid treatment of chronic non-cancer pain
Prescribe opioids for chronic non-cancer pain with care for the sake of patients and the community
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Act now to prevent re-emergence of congenital rubella
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Higher drug prices will boost development of personalised medicine, says new report
Doctors object to bill that would allow force feeding of hunger striking prisoners
Liverpool care pathway is scrapped after review finds it was not well used
Regulator says Tameside must make urgent improvements
Ireland's parliament votes to allow “life saving” abortion
Texas governor promises to sign abortion law that will close most clinics
Public health body quits responsibility deal over government's failure to act on tobacco and alcohol
We should harness the power of our colleagues' fresh ideas
Poor people view hospitals as providing better access, care, and social support
Non-adherence to medication increases stroke risk in patients with high blood pressure : Medication adherence cuts stroke risk
India signals crackdown on dubious fixed dose drug combinations
Time to divide the spoils?
Number of animal experiments in the UK rises by 8%
Health secretary puts 11 hospital trusts in England into special measures
Association of plasma uric acid with ischaemic heart disease and blood pressure: mendelian randomisation analysis of two large cohorts
Mortality rates after emergency surgery vary widely between hospitals, study shows : Death rates vary between trusts
Rather than emulate Ofsted's culture of fear, the UK care regulator must engage clinicians to improve standards
GPs must be encouraged to test out new approaches to primary care, report says
India must respect intellectual property rights, report says
Report shows rise in preventable errors during blood transfusion
Government drops plans for minimum alcohol pricing in England and Wales
Charity launches £14m UK-wide lung cancer research initiative
Report sets out plan for tackling urgent and emergency care pressures
CQC sets out new inspection regime for hospitals in England
Umbilical hernia
Overlapping meta-analyses on the same topic: survey of published studies
Outcomes incentives: can they catch on in the US?
Accountable care organization program cuts costs and improves care, report says
Study maps the link between socioeconomic status and tobacco use across India
Government launches consultation on how to deliver cap on social care costs
Systematic review finds no benefits to population screening for dementia
HFEA and HTA will remain as separate bodies but will pool some support services
Americans are already benefiting from health reform, says Obama