Bhagwan Khushaldas Samtani
Blood pressure monitoring is better at home
Novel drugs for treating angina
Jeremy Alan Sherman
Political drive to screen for pre-dementia: not evidence based and ignores the harms of diagnosis
Richard Wyman Payne
James Beveridge
Stewart Desmond Clarke
David Gibb Vulliamy
John R Moore
Paul Jenkins
Lionel Cyril Kreeger
Robert Donald McLean
BASHH's patient leaflets are produced through close collaboration between experts and patients
When I was hungry and thirsty were you there?
What is a superiority trial?
Secondary prevention of venous thromboembolism
The loss of multidisciplinary primary healthcare teams is bad for patient care
Study that supports mammography for women under 50 is criticised
E-cigarettes as good as patches in helping to reduce smoking, study concludes
Prices on new insurance exchanges are lower than expected, report says
Lack of atropine in Syria hampers treatment after gas attacks
Poor description of non-pharmacological interventions: analysis of consecutive sample of randomised trials
Dorothy Trump
Peter Stuart Smith
Effectiveness of interdisciplinary primary care approach to reduce disability in community dwelling frail older people: cluster randomised controlled trial
Personality disorder
Where “revalidation” came from
The word “cancer”: how language can corrupt thought
An approach to the obstructive colleague
International standards on informed patient consent are available
When a doctor goes wrong
Good quality patient leaflets are prerequisite to concordance between patients and healthcare professionals
The case for investing in high quality information for patients
Institutions must also be accountable for research integrity
Harnessing clinical solving abilities through safety reporting to drive quality improvement in the NHS
Misgivings about PROSPERO in solving the problem of duplicate systematic reviews
The anaesthetic roundabout and its effect on behaviour at work
Health risk from job insecurity needs to be mitigated in these “VUCA times”
The case for duplication of meta-analyses and systematic reviews
Repeated meta-analyses are both worthy and to be encouraged
Post-diagnostic support services should be included in new dementia targets
Government was wrong to prioritise “gold” route for open access, say MPs
UK government bows to pressure over lobbying bill
In brief
Nearly half of US births were covered by Medicaid in 2010
GMC seeks powers to test doctors' language skills
Repository needed to improve access to drug company documents, conference hears
Journals are not biased towards positive trial results, conference hears
Illicit drug use in the US holds steady, but heroin use is on rise
Health secretary's remarks about GPs are “morale sapping,” says royal college
Hospital merger is jeopardised by private provider's objections
Management of urinary incontinence in women: summary of updated NICE guidance
What to do about unsafe medicines?
Descriptions of non-pharmacological interventions in clinical trials
Cerebral tuberculomas
Trial predictability and other stories …
High adherence to HIV prophylaxis reduces chances of infection from partner, research finds
Medical data: does patient privacy trump access for research?
E-cigarette use doubles among US middle and high school students
Why a hospital?
Government sets out five year plan for tackling “ticking time bomb” of antibiotic resistance
Blurred vision: targeting a diagnosis
Different combined oral contraceptives and the risk of venous thrombosis: systematic review and network meta-analysis
Anticoagulant treatment is effective in atrial fibrillation
Author's reply to Robson and Lip
What is the future of hospitals?
Hospitals without walls
Abolishing purchaser-provider split helped New Zealand scheme to cut costs, says King's Fund
College calls for major overhaul of the delivery of care
From testing the champions to championing the locals
Cancer care in the US needs a radical overhaul, says Institute of Medicine
Immunisation coverage in India remains too low, study finds
FDA to tighten labeling on long acting opioids
Feasibility and effectiveness of a low cost campaign on antibiotic prescribing in Italy: community level, controlled, non-randomised trial
Peter Nathaniel Mond
An intraoperative cholangiogram: unusual anatomy
Allocation concealment versus blinding in randomised controlled trials
Evidence that exercise helps in depression is still weak, finds review
US casino boss challenges Spain's smoking ban
Experts warn on data security in health and fitness apps
Global Fund needs $15bn to fight HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria
Nuclear power plants do not raise risk of leukaemia in children, study finds
Mentally ill patient chained to tree to highlight shortage of psychiatric beds in India