Central venous catheters
Ronald Dennis Hyde
Making inferences on treatment effects from real world data: propensity scores, confounding by indication, and other perils for the unwary in observational research
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PERSONAL VIEW: India should introduce daily drug treatment for tuberculosis
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NHS medical director proposes two tier emergency service
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Christmas competition
An adder bite in Sussex
Sportsman's groin and other stories …
Sailing without a lookout: cuts to the Office for National Statistics
Influenza: marketing vaccine by marketing disease
Transverse ultrasound image through the orbit
Cleared GP asks police to investigate patient for perverting course of justice
Evidence is lacking for or against multivitamins to prevent heart disease or cancer, US task force says
GP who married widower shortly after patient's death is suspended for six months
Dental pain
NHS 111 led to more ambulance dispatches, finds study
Interspinous process device versus standard conventional surgical decompression for lumbar spinal stenosis: randomized controlled trial
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We need to separate “old” and “age”
Dunk that cola
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First case of human infection with new bird flu virus is confirmed
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EU policy on e-cigarettes is a “dog's dinner,” says UK regulator
Swedish health advisory body says too much carbohydrate, not fat, leads to obesity
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New bid to legalise assisted suicide reaches Scottish parliament
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Big pharma and big medicine in big trouble
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