Quality of evidence behind FDA approvals varies widely
George Izatt Hendry
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British man with schizophrenia faces death sentence in Pakistan for blasphemy
Appeal Court will decide whether a patient has right to be consulted before a “do not attempt resuscitation” note is put in notes
US plans to revamp food labels
Doctors are targeted by police while treating protesters in Kiev
Erectile dysfunction
Statins for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease
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Withdrawing performance indicators: retrospective analysis of general practice performance under UK Quality and Outcomes Framework
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Last gasp for e-cigarette ads that glamorise the habit?
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Nick Black: Looking for a post at Arsenal
Serco penalised by £81 000 a month over failings in Suffolk contract
London hospital widens access to genetic tests for ovarian cancer
New mobile phone apps target tech savvy Indians to sign up for organ donation
UK doctor who charged for unworked shifts is allowed to resume practice after repaying hospital and showing remorse
Texas hospital removes pregnant woman from ventilator after court order
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Syringe mix-up led to brain damage and a possible £24m payout
UK surgeon takes name off medical register before scheduled case review
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How market based pricing is failing Indian patients
Subjects no more: what happens when trial participants realize they hold the power?
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Major changes in practice and interpreting data from the past
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For a truly humanistic ethic, we need truly humanistic medicine
Use of alcohol to reduce stress
Readmission rates are a poor marker of quality
Readmission rates reflect how well whole health and social care systems function
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What about non-financial conflicts of interest?
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Use of the Mental Health Act in England shows year-on-year increase
Homeopaths will be allowed to practise modern medicine in Maharashtra after one year pharmacology course
When will the tobacco industry apologise for its monstrous harms?
Neurological acro-osteolysis
Axial computed tomogram of the male pelvis
Sagittal computed tomogram of the abdomen and pelvis
“Silent” adrenal tumours should be monitored for changes, say researchers
London has highest proportion of people attending emergency departments
Affordable Care Act will boost incomes of poorest people, study shows
One in four US families reports financial burdens due to medical costs, government study finds
Protecting intellectual property is vital for medical innovation, says UK report
Spain's largest healthcare privatisation plan is halted
India moves closer to regulating prices of patented drugs
Early management of head injury: summary of updated NICE guidance
Oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy shows promise but questions remain
Judge allows a caesarean section to go ahead on a patient without her consent
Serco penalised by £81 000 a month over failings in Suffolk contract
Safety of benzodiazepines and opioids in very severe respiratory disease: national prospective study
Psoriasis: are clinicians too busy to assess disease severity?
Cluster sampling
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Six hospitals are named as “outliers” for mortality rates
Obama challenges Republicans to offer alternatives to health act
No one knows who is accountable for England's midwife shortage, MPs say
Villagers in rural India stage anti-superstition march after boy dies from untreated appendicitis
Peers vote to legislate against smoking in cars with children
Testosterone therapy is associated with raised risk of myocardial infarction, US study finds
Isobel Patricia Morton