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Trigeminal neuralgia
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Drug company staff fretted when in-house paper's conclusion clashed with marketing claims
Consultations in primary care should be held standing up
26 nations join US Global Health Security Agenda
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UK doctor who worked in US after being struck off by GMC has licence withdrawn
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NHS England sets up new inquiry into children's heart surgery deaths in Bristol
New patient database could undermine trust in NHS, risk analysis concludes
Switzerland debates dismantling its breast cancer screening programme
Belgium extends euthanasia law to children
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Plain tobacco packaging in Australia increases calls to Quitline
India launches major programme to treat burn injuries
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Hospitals pay penalties of £1.2bn for “too many” admissions and “too early” discharges
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Klim McPherson: “Feral” epidemiologist with no regrets
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BMJ 's patient revolution model may encourage similar initiatives worldwide
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A call to reduce diffusion of responsibilities
Two companies blocked from comparing their generic products to Herceptin in India
Comprehensive review needed to inform guidance on air quality standards
GP networks could be answer to integrated care, report says
Doctor is struck off for performing liposuction while suspended from UK medical register
Women and people living alone are more likely to choose assisted suicide, Swiss study finds
Government tells Air India to stop selling electronic cigarettes
NHS England postpones roll-out of programme by six months
Mother cannot stop doctor's involvement in her daughter's treatment, judge rules
David Richard Thomas
Cortisol levels predict depression in teenage boys, study shows
Open wide
Strengthening leadership in the NHS
Norway tries naloxone in spray form to prevent deaths from drug overdose
US food industry wages bitter fight over sweeteners
Japanese institute investigates claim that acid solution can transform mature mice cells into stem cells
Modifying certain risk factors might prevent one in four miscarriages, study shows why are Scotland and Wales doing it differently?
Changes to GP funding could force 98 practices to close, BMA warns
Prevention is better than cure for emerging infectious diseases
Placebo controlled trials
Severe accidental hypothermia
Hospital admissions for anxiety peak in women over 60, UK study finds
Genetic tests could detect high risk of aggressive prostate cancer
People use web to find doctors but prefer personal recommendations, says US survey
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