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Investigating an incidental finding of lymphopenia
The Super Bowl doctor
Primary care team of the year: saving money and improving care
US drug regulator rejects accusations that it unfairly targets Indian generic firms
Financial donors warn Ugandan government over anti-gay law
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John Michael Stanley McCoy
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John Rowsell McCrae Moore
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£90m package to improve dementia care is announced in England
Psychiatrist vilified by UK newspapers is cleared of all charges
FDA is urged to reverse its approval of new pain drug Zohydro ER
EU brings in new tobacco rules to deter young smokers
Statins for all
Associations between palliative chemotherapy and adult cancer patients’ end of life care and place of death: prospective cohort study
Maternal dietary patterns and preterm delivery: results from large prospective cohort study
Effectiveness of quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine for the prevention of cervical abnormalities: case-control study nested within a population based screening programme in Australia
Anteroposterior radiograph of the lumbar spine
Chemotherapy near the end of life
Setting performance targets in pay for performance programmes: what can we learn from QOF?
Healthy eating in pregnancy
Eyad Rajab el-Sarraj
Should healthcare be guaranteed for cancer but not diabetes?
Spurious syndromes: we create disease by giving every illness a name
Authorities in India ban use of stem cells in patients except in clinical trials
New legislation will ban sale of patients' data for commercial uses
Chief hospital inspector defends scrutiny system
Beleaguered surgeon calls for end to humanitarian blockade of Sudan's Nuba enclave
Consultant shortage is fatal thorn in side of emergency services, say MPs
Low paid workers are not paid enough to live healthily, Marmot says
All care commissioners should have someone responsible for marginalised groups
Improving mental health services in England
American Psychological Association rejects demand to reopen complaint against Guantanamo Bay psychologist
“Labyrinthine” commissioning is barrier to change, says NHS expert
References that anyone can edit: review of Wikipedia citations in peer reviewed health science literature
Delayed antibiotic prescribing strategies for respiratory tract infections in primary care: pragmatic, factorial, randomised controlled trial
Gorlin's sign
Citing Wikipedia
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other stories …
Ban premises that provide healthcare from selling tobacco
Cystic Fibrosis Trust's clarification of Cohen and Raftery's article on cystic fibrosis drug development
A new model for drug development using a multi-stakeholder consortium
Effective strategies for translating basic research into clinical success in Alzheimer's disease
Integration of services or empire building?
Post-approval adverse events of new and old anticoagulants
Safety of new oral anticoagulants in high risk patients
Threshold for genetic testing in women with breast cancer needs to be determined
HPV vaccine protects against cervical abnormalities in young women, study finds
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The myth that capacity assessment entails a two stage test
Authors’ reply to Waite
Lack of accountability for understaffing in maternity care in England
Patient survival matters as much as implant survival when selecting the right hip replacement
Authors’ reply to Cobb
In brief
Doctors and teachers receive new guidance on the internet's effect on young people's sex lives and relationships
Susan Bewley: Still hoping to make a difference
Removing the hype from hypertension
Put patient power at heart of future NHS, says commission on whole person care
Is it a premature to announce that smoking prevalence in England is below 20%?
Authors’ reply to Roscoe
World has been slow to act on polio outbreak in Syria, charity warns
Nicholson “bitterly regrets” not meeting patient groups at Mid Staffs hospitals in 2009
Patients and nurses are confused by doctors’ titles, survey finds
Sharing care data could save lives of vulnerable children, hospital leader says
Who are we treating?
Differentiating between “no proof of difference” and “proof of no difference” for new oral anticoagulants
Community based treatment for schizophrenia is effective in low income countries
Suicide rates double among US soldiers between 2004 and 2009, research shows
We should start to quantify the environmental impact of different treatments
Performance of Mid Staffordshire surgeon was not deficient, panel rules
From promises to policies: is big pharma delivering on transparency?
Need for immediate computed tomography in older people with coagulopathy and minor brain injury
Services for older people need major change, says report
Better reporting of interventions: template for intervention description and replication (TIDieR) checklist and guide
The impact of a bodyweight and physical activity intervention (BeWEL) initiated through a national colorectal cancer screening programme: randomised controlled trial
Chemotherapy near end of life is linked with greater emergency intervention
Randomised controlled trials: evaluating and communicating treatment effects
Lung cancer screening with low dose computed tomography
US hospital physicians are overusing antibiotics, CDC report finds
Political barriers are hampering efforts to develop vCJD screening tools, MPs are told
Average daily consumption of sugar must be halved, says WHO
Chinese government pledges to tackle pollution crisis
Explain impact of climate change in simple terms, says UN official
Drug firms cut doctors’ fees for drug talks
Hospitals and GPs must tell patients about incidents that cause “moderate” as well as “serious” harm, report says
Widow wins right to extend storage of dead husband's sperm
Call for the Turkish government to respect medical workers’ duty to provide medical care to those in need
The team physician