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Four in 10 NHS staff believe it responds inadequately to poor performance, survey finds
Judge condemns GMC for “unacceptable delays” and inactivity
Number of people with health insurance has risen by 9.3 million since Affordable Care Act, US study finds
UK public will choose which scientific puzzle to investigate for 2014 Longitude Prize
New mothers are most likely to be depressed four years after giving birth
Dementia strategy should focus on reducing risks and promoting brain health, say experts
Atrial myxoma as an unexpected finding on CT coronary angiography
Secrets in healthcare
Waiting list scandal prompts calls for shake-up at US Veterans Affairs
Soft drink that claims to burn 200 calories a can is referred to trading standards
NHS chief berates lack of ethnic diversity at board level
Rise in US measles cases is blamed on unimmunized travelers
Most emergency attendances at hospital are appropriate, finds study
Regulate unhealthy food like cigarettes, campaigners urge
US will no longer use vaccination programs as cover for spy operations, White House says
Should we advise patients with sutures not to swim?
Interpreting raised serum prolactin results
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Relation between surgeon volume and risk of complications after total hip arthroplasty: propensity score matched cohort study
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Graham David Busfield
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Stephen Rostron Lord
Agnes Montgomerie Knight Barron
Surgeon volume and early complications after primary total hip arthroplasty
What is an open label trial?
GP leader warns funding shortfalls could result in services closing
NHS will collapse without “building blocks” of general practice, warns GP leader
Australian doctors’ leader attacks plan to charge to see a GP
GPs vote against charging patients for their services
Quebec to pass bill on physician assisted suicide
GPs urge government to create a national self care strategy