Low risk papillary thyroid cancer
Abraham Guz
Spinal injury in ankylosing spondylitis
Safety in childbirth: can India maintain its momentum?
Contrast enhanced axial computed tomography slice at the level of the transpyloric plane of Addison
The medical reformation
Cancer research provides a good economic return as well as health gains, report says
Between a fifth and a third of hospitals record inaccurate cost data
India's medical colleges lose 16 000 seats because of poor standards
American Medical Association calls for stricter regulation of electronic cigarettes
Adding social services to US clinical care makes “good business sense,” report argues
How to undermine general practice
Ian Gordon Vizetelly James
Obstructive sleep apnoea
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John Daniel McCrea
Ban on television advertising of online medical services is lifted
Alcohol charities may be influenced by funding from industry, research shows
European Medicines Agency changes policy on clinical trial data publication
In brief
Health system report ranks UK first, US last
Patients should have right to interact with their electronic records, report says
Afghanistan: a healthy future?
Doctors should consult patients before imposing non-resuscitation notices unless it would cause harm, Court of Appeal rules
Vitamin D and mortality: meta-analysis of individual participant data from a large consortium of cohort studies from Europe and the United States
Modern mammography screening and breast cancer mortality: population study
The harms and benefits of modern screening mammography
Prescription charges: are they worth it?
Most patients with atrial fibrillation need anticoagulants, NICE says
Vitamin D levels may have a role in cancer prognosis, study shows
Mammography reduces risk of breast cancer death by 28%, study finds
Changes in antidepressant use by young people and suicidal behavior after FDA warnings and media coverage: quasi-experimental study
Non-pulmonary presentations of mycobacteria in anti-TNF therapy
Drug treatment for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and suicidal behaviour: register based study
Intimate partner violence affects men as well as women
HbA1c is a reliable test for type 2 diabetes in primary care irrespective of chronic kidney disease
Global rules for global health: why we need an independent, impartial WHO
Cannabis regulation: the need to develop guidelines on use
Lack of a practical system to respond to domestic violence
Authors’ reply to Whitehouse and Fabre
Study shows that more must be done to detect domestic violence
Axial post-contrast computed tomogram at the level of the aortic arch
Corruption in healthcare in India: why the NHS should take an interest
Author's reply to Madhok
Ilora Finlay: Hooked on Candy Crush
Coughs and sneezes and other stories …
Retraction of statins article is not in the public interest: better characterisation of benefits and risks is crucial
The BMJ statins papers misrepresent the facts
CEA monitoring in colorectal cancer is not a waste of time
Benefits of metastasectomy for colorectal cancer
Communicating the harmful effects of medicines
Making the World Health Assembly fit for the 21st century
The need to determine whether lung metastasectomy improves survival in advanced colorectal cancer
MPs urge government to act quickly to strengthen health regulation
The usefulness of ultrasound in anaesthesia
Emergency physicians undergo a formal training in the use of ultrasound
A rallying cry for medicine's old ways
New European legislation on clinical trials is published
Doctors urge WHO not to be swayed by tobacco industry in regulating e-cigarettes
Education and support for self care management in chronic illnesses in India
American Diabetes Association issues new guidelines for type 1 diabetes
The management of atrial fibrillation: summary of updated NICE guidance
Rapid diagnostic tests to improve treatment of malaria and other febrile illnesses: patient randomised effectiveness trial in primary care clinics in Afghanistan
Rapid diagnostic tests for malaria
Gerald Edelman
New models of healthcare will replace nearly three quarters of NHS by 2024, report says
What is a non-randomised controlled trial?
Legionnaires’ disease in UK baby triggers warning over some home birth pools
Only 15% of young men in England were tested for chlamydia last year despite recommendations
Patients should have one point of contact for complaints, MPs are told
Tribunal suspends doctor for acting as expert witness beyond his competence
US drug regulator proposes social media guidelines for drug and medical device industry
Former GP is new chair of House of Commons Health Committee
Drugs for dementia should receive accelerated approval, says world envoy
Use of cheaper eye drug would save billions, says US study
Long shift patterns to end for Scottish junior doctors
Cut winter fuel payments for wealthy to provide more care for poor elderly, says think tank