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Ibuprofen as effective as morphine for fracture pain in children, study shows
Senior NHS leader urges caution on predicting big savings from Better Care Fund
Indian government outlines plan to try to eliminate tuberculosis by 2020
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Doctor admits to sexual offences against boys
Tobacco industry lobbyists adopt new aggressive tactics
Canada's new law strengthens drug regulatory powers but is vague on mandatory trial registration
Attitudes need to change for patients to be more involved in care, says think tank
Health professionals should do more to prevent children ending up in custody, BMA says
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Nasal septal haematoma
Climate change: Primary care in Bristol is taking the lead in going green
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US trade rep is pressing Indian government to forbid production of generic cancer drug, consortium says
Private member's bill aims to repeal competition rules in NHS
New evidence about the benefits of PCI with regard to mortality
Author's reply to Farebrother
Investigator contact details should continue to be available after completion of clinical trials
Authors’ reply to O’Neill and colleagues
Rebuilding health services in Gaza won't be possible while Israel maintains blockade, says report
Think tank calls for new GP contracts to encourage innovation
Leaders must act now to prevent irreversible effects of climate change, say scientists
Effects of cobalt-chromium everolimus eluting stents or bare metal stent on fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular events: patient level meta-analysis
Adenotonsillectomy reduces acute asthma exacerbations in children, study shows
Is emotional restraint a healthy response to adversity? Yes
MPs raise alarm over underfunded mental health services for children
Low pressure headaches caused by spontaneous intracranial hypotension
Risk of preterm delivery with increasing depth of excision for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in England: nested case-control study
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Axial T2 weighted magnetic resonance image of the cervical spine
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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and UK healthcare
Scottish NHS comes under strain as budget heads for 1% cut over two years
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Doctors in Moscow rally against planned hospital closures
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Indirect payments from drug companies to doctors for CME courses will be exempt from database
Axe the £55 payment for dementia diagnosis, say doctors
Health charities call on UK prime minister to put prevention at top of agenda
An open letter to Simon Stevens, NHS chief executive, and Alistair Burns, national clinical lead for dementia
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Kentucky seeks $1bn from Purdue Pharma for misrepresenting addictive potential of oxycodone
Diagnostic skill and patient centred care
Republicans take control of Senate, though repeal of Obamacare is unlikely
Obama vows to defend key elements of Affordable Care Act
Effect of mobile telephone reminders on treatment outcome in HIV: evidence from a randomised controlled trial in India
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India's ambition to eliminate visceral leishmaniasis
Ebola is causing moral distress among African healthcare workers
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UK built Ebola treatment centre opens in Sierra Leone
Court to decide whether mother committed crime against child with fetal alcohol disorder
Response to Ebola in the US: misinformation, fear, and new opportunities
US cervical cancer prevention efforts are falling short
WHO is criticised for political process used when choosing its new Africa director
Spot testing by GPs for bacterial infections reduces antibiotic use, study finds
UK doctors could save £2bn a year by cutting waste, says report