Asthma: pathogenesis and novel drugs for treatment
Effect of sirolimus on malignancy and survival after kidney transplantation: systematic review and meta-analysis of individual patient data
Innovative research methods for studying treatments for rare diseases: methodological review
Occult manifestations of bacteraemia in an 82 year old woman
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Half of poor people in UK are in a working family, report says
Array of out-of-hours and emergency services is confusing to public, says NHS chief
Bournemouth hospital trust threatens to evict medically fit patients who refuse to leave
Rory Childers
Intraoperative assessment of axillary lymph nodes in patients with breast cancer
Mammography screening study hampered by inadequate data
Study “guesstimated” how many cancers would have occurred without mammography screening
Gillian Mary Crampton
Medical schools must equip students with the flexibility needed for the health system's future
Making careers in general practice more attractive
Why we don't want to be GPs: the student perspective
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Uncertainty beyond sampling error
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US toughens warning on power morcellators
Republished: Nicotine and health
Statistical problems with study on milk intake and mortality and fractures
Vitamin D status, bone fracture, and mortality
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Kim Holt: Pet hate is bullying
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Undress your mind: a serious view of sexual history
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Excess weight causes nearly 4% of new cancers a year worldwide
NHS England must involve patients in commissioning decisions, judge says
Report condemns NHS for infection outbreak in Scotland
John Michael Naish
US food agency defines new rules for listing calories on menus
Milk and mortality: raw versus pasteurised milk
Study used wrong assumption about galactose content of fermented dairy products
Milk and mortality: the potential effects of modern milk production
Unaccounted sex differences undermine association between milk intake and risk of mortality and fractures
All obese patients with type 2 diabetes should be assessed for bariatric surgery, says NICE
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Nutrition matters
Margaret McCartney: Stop playing politics with illegal drug use
India is among top five countries for mortality in children under 5
India's health ministry inspects airports for Ebola preparedness
Only 30% of Americans with HIV have virus in check, finds report
Oesophageal and gastric cancer need to be detected earlier to improve outcomes, audit finds
Antibiotics in fetal and early life and subsequent childhood asthma: nationwide population based study with sibling analysis
More blood for India : What can India do to collect all the blood it needs through voluntary donation, asks Sanjeet Bagcchi
Medical journals and industry ties : Zero tolerance on education articles with financial links to industry
Delirium on the intensive care unit : Deadly or not, delirium remains a serious threat to patients worldwide
Reforming the Cancer Drug Fund : Focus on drugs that might be shown to be cost effective
NHS's scheme is cautionary tale for safe data use, say MPs
Spearman's rank correlation coefficient
Royal College of Physicians still opposes change in law on assisted dying
GP dementia payment scheme will end next year, NHS confirms
Kim Holt: Pet hate is bullying
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UK is urged to introduce standardised tobacco packs as Australia marks policy's second anniversary