Children whose parents attempted suicide are at raised risk of similar behaviour, study finds
Pharmacists react angrily to government plans requiring them to check prescription exemptions
Huw Bevan Jones
India cuts health budget by 20%
Robert Dunning Nicholson
John Berwyn Thomas
Type 2 diabetes and cancer: umbrella review of meta-analyses of observational studies
Type 2 diabetes and risk of cancer
The pioneers of transparency
New year brings new transparency for drug company payments to doctors in UK
I would scrap the internal market
One promise fulfilled, much still to be done
The evidence base for orthopaedics and sports medicine
Meta-analysis: testing for reporting bias
New US rules ban aggressive debt collection by charitable hospitals
Peter Stewart Macfarlane
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Opioids for low back pain
Cerebral near infrared spectroscopy oximetry in extremely preterm infants: phase II randomised clinical trial
Long term mental health outcomes of Finnish children evacuated to Swedish families during the second world war and their non-evacuated siblings: cohort study
A compassionate complaint about hospital care made a difference
Should children be evacuated during times of war?
Margaret McCartney: Jeremy Hunt should follow his own advice on emergency care
Newborns in England are screened for four extra genetic conditions
Government must produce “credible evidence” to support seven day working, BMA says
US cancer mortality continues to fall
Critical state of NHS could worsen, leading economist warns
William Herbert Baxter Ellis
“By the way doctor, I’ve booked an African safari after my next chemo”
Increasing number of cancer survivors is putting pressure on NHS, says charity
Improving diabetes care: six simple suggestions
Axial computed tomogram of the glottis
Coronal magnetic resonance arthrogram of the hip
A vomiting baby
Nurse with Ebola virus remains in critical condition
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In brief
US Republicans will attack individual provisions of health reform law as repeal is unlikely
Waits for emergency care are worst for 10 years, figures show
Newborns in England are screened for four extra genetic conditions
Intravenous fluid therapy in adult inpatients
Working miracles for the NHS
Google, doctors, and the “right to be forgotten”
Comparison of two dose and three dose human papillomavirus vaccine schedules: cost effectiveness analysis based on transmission model
A rare variant of Stewart-Treves syndrome
Automated alerts for acute kidney injury warrant caution
Intensive treatment for type 1 diabetes is associated with lower risk of death
Assisted reproductive technology has low complication risk, US data show
Type 1 diabetes still shortens life span, Scottish study finds
More than a third of people with abnormal bowel cancer screening results avoid later screening
Flu is now widespread in 43 US states, CDC reports
Priority setting partnerships and other stories …
The unknown risks of youth rugby
Multiple biopsies improve cervical cancer detection in colposcopy
Adding radiotherapy to hormone treatment improves survival in older men with prostate cancer
Heparin induced thrombocytopenia
Transparent reporting of a multivariable prediction model for individual prognosis or diagnosis (TRIPOD): the TRIPOD statement
Should doctors encourage patients to record consultations?
Competing interests in epidemiology
Reasons to be cautious about competing interests
The BMJ should not take the law into its own hands on competing interests
Quantifying and monitoring overdiagnosis in cancer screening: a systematic review of methods
Public healthcare systems should not pay for private profit
Two or three doses of human papillomavirus vaccine?
Paul McMaster: At times a real pain
Former paediatrician thought he was “bomb proof” against sex charges, court hears
Six people in US die each day from alcohol poisoning, CDC reports
NHS will not pay for drugs that offer little clinical benefit, says cancer fund boss
Six doctors are charged with taking kickbacks for sending patients to Chicago hospital for no reason
Authors’ reply to Smith, Forsyth, Coffey and Prendergast, and Soskolne
NHS is not (yet) in crisis, but what about school rugby?
The political determinants of health—10 years on
Most known fossil fuel reserves must remain unused to meet climate change targets
Doctors increasingly practise “defensive” medicine for fear of litigation, says regulator
Libel law reform: a new era of free speech in science?
Headache is often over-investigated and overtreated, US study shows
CQC rates 43 of 50 GP practices good or outstanding in its latest report
Prevention of multiple pregnancies in couples with unexplained or mild male subfertility: randomised controlled trial of in vitro fertilisation with single embryo transfer or in vitro fertilisation in modified natural cycle compared with intrauterine insemination with controlled ovarian hyperstimulation
Which treatment option for couples with unexplained or mild male subfertility?
Study supports link between injectable hormonal contraceptive and HIV risk
Researchers say they will send unpublished alteplase data to UK drug regulator on request
Trial results raise hope for dengue fever vaccine
Terence Stephenson: ready to navigate stormy waters once again?
Florida violated federal law by underfunding healthcare for needy children, judge rules
Prudence Barron
Private company says it can no longer run NHS hospital
The NHS lacks cardiovascular screening tools suitable for patients of South Asian descent
Zenon George Panos
Harold Walter Henry Shepperd
India plans to track use of toilets in rural areas to encourage their use
Trials of Ebola vaccine set to begin in west Africa
Funding allocations for patients across England are far from fair, says MPs' report
Cancer survivors report array of unmet needs many years after diagnosis