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Regulator of devices investigates complaints about multifocal lens
Clinical trials: outcome measures
Roy Dalgleish
US court cannot force tobacco companies to say they are “unscrupulous villains,” claims industry appeal
Millions of Americans would drop insurance if exchange subsidies didn't exist, studies find
Privately run trust is first in England to be rated “inadequate” on patient care
Russia bans transsexuals and people with personality disorders from driving
Government proposes changes to hospital doctors’ overtime
GPs rarely use interventions for weight management in obese and overweight patients, study finds
Self referral for cancer tests is to be piloted in England
Long working hours and alcohol use: systematic review and meta-analysis of published studies and unpublished individual participant data
Long working hours are linked to risky alcohol consumption
Is widespread screening for hepatitis C justified?
Without mandatory regulation, clinical physiologists put patients at risk
UK trainee doctors are still unsure about how to treat anaphylaxis
UN cannot be sued for alleged role in Haitian cholera outbreak, US judge rules
John Appleby: Hoping for the “Appleby paradox”
Deaths after Fluad flu vaccine and the epidemic of panic in Italy
Scotland's evidence based outcomes framework for problem drug use
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Psychological treatments are effective for depression in primary care, study shows
Crowdfunding: from startup businesses to startup science
In brief
Many older people may be overtreated for diabetes, US study finds
NHS England pulls funding from 25 cancer treatments
Many cancer deaths could be eliminated by greater awareness and access to latest treatments, report says
Doctors are sceptical about Indian Medical Association's new code of conduct for hospitals
Sharing clinical trial data should become the “expected norm,” US panel says
GPs are advised to cut back on extra work to defend core services
Patients are being discharged to die in care homes, conference hears
Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in children: NICE guidance
The prevention and management of rabies
NHS can perform well against the private sector without compromising its core values
Sexual health is another commissioning crisis
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Think hard before expanding cancer screening
Tackling fears about exercise is important for ME treatment, analysis indicates
Margaret McCartney: Combination of exercise and social interaction is why I love parkrun
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Signs of depression and apathy precede memory problems in Alzheimer's disease, study shows
Axial T2 weighted magnetic resonance image of the heart
Fewer colon cancer patients have surgery but survival is increasing, US study shows
Most screening tests do not save lives, researchers argue
GPs are told to treat with scepticism advice on anti-flu drugs from Public Health England
Extra money targeted at emergency services may not have been used for frontline care, say experts
England continues to lag behind Europe in cancer survival, despite £6.7bn budget
Labour promises healthier food for children and standardised tobacco packaging
Ban management consultants
Is it a stroke?
Patients admitted to hospital from care homes are at higher risk of dehydration, study finds
Head of Cancer Drugs Fund regrets its establishment, conference hears
Firm action needed on predatory journals
China to stop using organs from executed prisoners for transplantations
Doctors facing complaints have severe depression and suicidal thoughts, study finds
Treatment effects and placebo effects
Two drugs show promising results for treating hyperkalemia in US study
Evidence to back dementia screening is still lacking, committee says
Hospital acquired infections are falling, CDC reports
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