Authors' reply to Foster and colleagues
Risk of peanut allergy can be reduced by 80% by including peanuts in infant diets, study finds
Medical Innovation Bill is fundamentally unworkable
NHS health checks are a waste of resources
Support for doctors working in immigration detention centres
Improving access to specialist palliative care
“Fit note” is linked to fewer people taking long term sick leave, study finds
Health literacy: towards system level solutions
US medical societies call for action on gun violence
Lifestyle changes or metformin reduce type 2 diabetes risk in women with gestational diabetes, US study shows
In brief
Statin use is associated with lower risk of liver cancer, study shows
NSAIDs double risk of bleeding in patients taking antithrombotics after myocardial infarction, study finds
Does paying for performance in primary care save lives?
WHO urges introduction of single use syringes
California measure would require porn actors to use condoms
GPs battling in “David versus Goliath” over out-of-hours tenders, says RCGP
Pre-exposure prophylaxis protects against HIV infection in real world setting, study finds
NICE endorses TURis system for prostate surgery
People do not want cuts made to other public services to protect NHS, survey finds
People with depression are more likely to commit violent crime, study concludes
As good as the next man
Irvine Loudon
ADHD is a risk factor for premature death, Danish study shows
Ebola crisis has alerted politicians to global health threats, debate hears
Outbreak of swine flu in India is no worse than seasonal flu, say specialists
UK becomes first country to allow mitochondrial donation
Anteroposterior radiograph of the right shoulder
Medical Council of India orders doctors' suspension for drug industry junket
MPs call for regular scrutiny of Better Care Fund after numerous concerns
Manchester authority is set to take control of £6bn worth of health and social care spending
Researcher fails in legal bid to halt expression of concern by journal Diabetes
Confidence intervals, P values, and statistical significance
Healthcare outsourcing from NHS to independent sector rose from 4.8% of market in 2009 to 7% in 2014, report shows
Hunt rejects criminal record checks on all NHS volunteers in wake of Savile scandal
Surgeon who carried out home circumcisions is struck off UK register after “blatant disregard” for patient safety
Black men less willing than white men to be investigated for prostate cancer
Extra £2m is needed to improve mental healthcare intelligence, conference hears
Hotspots of immune response to tumours can predict breast cancer progression, study shows
Umbilical clamping should be deferred to protect blood flow to newborns, recommends expert review
Most common cause of death in England and Wales in 2013 was heart disease in men and dementia in women
Doctors in India plan to launch network against corruption and unethical practices
Supreme Court case could upend Affordable Care Act
Assessment and management of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia
Investigating young adults with chronic diarrhoea in primary care
A 72 old woman with a painful leg after a fall
Quality assurance of drugs used in clinical trials: proposal for adapting guidelines
Early diagnosis and treatment: the goal of hepatitis C screening
NICE's recommendation on sofosbuvir for hepatitis C
Hepatitis C screening of men who have sex with men
Screening and treatment for hepatitis C: a balanced perspective
Dennis Friedman
Authors' reply to Selvapatt and colleagues, Matthews and colleagues, Badrinath, and Ward and Lee
Private healthcare providers in India are above the law, leaving patients without protection
Irritable bowel syndrome in adults in primary care: summary of updated NICE guidance
Whistleblowing in India: what protections can doctors who raise concerns expect?
Information on new drugs at market entry: retrospective analysis of health technology assessment reports versus regulatory reports, journal publications, and registry reports
A rapidly enlarging swelling of the left orbit
Interhemispheric subdural haematoma
Length of hospital stay after hip fracture
India's private healthcare sector treats patients as revenue generators
David Lloyd: Wants to create a “Kaiser Harrow”
Multidrug resistant tuberculosis
Investigating the relationship between quality of primary care and premature mortality in England: a spatial whole-population study
Decision support aids in acute stroke and other stories …
Why would a consultant think of going into management?
The evidence base for new drugs
Is a smoking ban in UK parks and outdoor spaces a good idea?
A 45 year old patient with headache, fever, and hyponatraemia
Telling stories with images
Treatment allocation in trials: stratified randomisation
We need drones, robots, and autonomous ambulances
NHS health checks are totally unscientific
Doctors are free to innovate without fear of litigation
The FAST tool is effective but not for posterior fossa stroke
Authors' reply to Huwez
Response from Hepatitis C Trust, BASL, BIA, BVHG, BSG, and BHIVA to article asking whether widespread screening for hepatitis C is justified