Donald Metcalf
Assessment of changes to screening programmes: why randomisation is important
Ban commercial confidentiality clauses from state procurement contracts
Need for a comprehensive national survey of cannabis use
Not all patients with displaced proximal humerus fractures are suitable for sling treatment
The BMA should apply itself to solving the NHS's productivity problem
Study may not be the best approach to assessing link between QOF and premature death
Whether QOF has reduced premature death rates is still unclear
Authors' reply to Honeyford and colleagues and Roland
Which whistleblower is more vulnerable: the Indian doctor or nurse?
Judge suggests steps to prevent employers unfairly referring whistleblowers to GMC
MPs call for new national patient safety body to lead clinical accident investigations
In brief
Margaret McCartney: General practice is still the best job in the world
Doctors are warned not to prescribe generic pregabalin for pain control
Carl Djerassi
Labour will cap private providers' profits on NHS work at 5%
B E Christopher Nordin
Use of glyburide to treat gestational diabetes is linked to adverse outcomes in babies, study finds
Use of glyburide to treat gestational diabetes is linked to adverse outcomes in babies, study finds
Future proofing the NHS: the new care models
New scoring system predicts cardiovascular disease risk worldwide
Major incidents in England
US aims to cut antibiotic use in new five year plan to combat antibiotic resistant bacteria
Nature journal's plan to fast track paper for a fee prompts resignation from editorial board
No vote in US Congress on proposal to create new pathway for approving antibiotics
Better use of public health facilities in India could improve kala-azar diagnosis, say researchers
GP fails in attempt to reverse decision to suspend his practice
Efficacy and safety of paracetamol for spinal pain and osteoarthritis: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised placebo controlled trials
Managing back pain and osteoarthritis without paracetamol
Evidence and rhetoric about access to UK primary care
How to approach delusional infestation
Cut by a double edged sword: a self limiting companion to focal seizures
Fund the service from a hypothecated tax
Immunogenicity of reduced dose priming schedules of serogroup C meningococcal conjugate vaccine followed by booster at 12 months in infants: open label randomised controlled trial
Is teaching rewarding?
Minimally invasive decompression versus open laminectomy for central stenosis of the lumbar spine: pragmatic comparative effectiveness study
Gastroenterology team of the year
Management in community pharmacies and other stories …
Minimally invasive surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis
Robin Stott: Focused, rebellious, receptive
Anyone linked with trafficking human organs will be punishable under new convention
An apple a day does not keep the doctor away, US study finds
No increase in Australia's illicit tobacco trade is seen after plain packs are introduced
Major publisher retracts 43 papers, alleging fake peer review
Health professionals call for urgent halt to fracking because of public health concerns
Avastin and Lucentis: a guide through the legal maze
Effect of Massachusetts healthcare reform on racial and ethnic disparities in admissions to hospital for ambulatory care sensitive conditions: retrospective analysis of hospital episode statistics
Advancing equity in healthcare
Why have UK doctors been deterred from prescribing Avastin?
Attacks on publicly funded trials: what happens when industry does not want to know the answer
A licence to cure
Teenagers with back pain
Antiphospholipid syndrome
The management of acute testicular pain in children and adolescents
Sagittal T2 weighted magnetic resonance image of the female pelvis
A vote for the NHS
Maternal blood test is more effective than standard screening for Down's syndrome, study shows
Risk of developing diabetes increases with time spent watching TV, study shows
Doctors demand apology for UK diplomat's involvement in Pakistan tobacco meeting
GPs in England must report certain patient harms under new rules
Experimental drug that injured UK volunteers resumes in human trials
BMA agrees to support legislation to abolish purchaser-provider split