The role of pathogen genomics in assessing disease transmission
Expert criticises report that said UK's maternal death rate was twice that of Belarus
Jean Elizabeth Clark
Kenneth Alfred Kingsley North
Marko Petrovic
James Rowland Russell
Patrick Christopher Molloy
Brian Dalton
Alban Avelino John Barros D'Sa
Jesmond Woolf
John Wilkinson
Evidence is insufficient to recommend e-cigarettes for quitting, US committee concludes
Margaret McCartney: Daily drug shortages place avoidable pressure on primary care
Woman asks court for right to use dead daughter's eggs to produce grandchild
Gates funds surveillance site to prevent next big epidemic
Prospects for the NHS in England in the next parliament
Research is stifled by “regulation and conservatism,” conference hears
Duke University settles lawsuits alleging that patients were harmed in chemotherapy trials
Piece of string can assess cardiovascular risk, study finds
Survey reveals poor public awareness of miscarriage
Tax processed food to subsidise healthier options and tackle obesity, says think tank
Direct benefit of vaccinating boys along with girls against oncogenic human papillomavirus: bayesian evidence synthesis
Arkady Arkanov
Who should be vaccinated against HPV?
Choosing Wisely in the UK: the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges' initiative to reduce the harms of too much medicine
Politics, medical journals, the medical profession and the Israel lobby
Does long term use of psychiatric drugs cause more harm than good?
John James
Dangers of rising indemnity insurance costs
India records large rise in malaria cases in 2014
Study links changes to primary care in England to rise in hospital admissions of children
New England Journal of Medicine reconsiders relationship with industry
Tackle shortfall in NHS funding, healthcare leaders tell health secretary
Field hospital in Kathmandu treated 1500 patients in two weeks
Lawsuit challenges FDA's authority to prevent off-label marketing
Saddle sores presenting to a genitourinary medicine department
Antipsychotic drug use in pregnancy: high dimensional, propensity matched, population based cohort study
NICE guidelines and other stories …
Many fixed dose drug combinations for sale in India are not approved
Lucentis excluded from WHO list of essential medicines
Doctors in New York “pill mill” worked under daily threats, court hears
UK scientists reject call for moratorium on gene editing
John Michael Brudenell
Euan Cameron Campbell
Edmund Augustine Dowling
Heather Margaret Dukes
Paul R Kettle
Kenneth Sutherland Mackenzie
James Samuel Young Mathewson
Problem drinking is rising among England's well educated women
Report details abuse of mentally ill inmates in US prisons
Safety of psychotropic drugs in pregnancy
Tobacco industry lobbying undermines public health in Asia
CONSORT extension for reporting N-of-1 trials (CENT) 2015 Statement
CONSORT extension for reporting N-of-1 trials (CENT) 2015: Explanation and elaboration
Exposure to prescription opioid analgesics in utero and risk of neonatal abstinence syndrome: population based cohort study
Physical activity for smoking cessation in pregnancy: randomised controlled trial
Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole versus vancomycin for severe infections caused by meticillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus : randomised controlled trial
Identifying and managing common childhood language and speech impairments
List predatory journal publications separately from genuine scholarly publications as standard for CVs
Laura Piddock: Fights antibiotic resistance
A “fact of the matter” may not exist in scientific narratives such as serotonin and depression
Personalised pharmacotherapy: an interim solution for antidepressant treatment?
EuroTag rugby league: a semi-contact version of the game
Children's rugby: outdated view that risk of injury is character building
Healy's editorial on serotonin and depression does a disservice to psychiatrists
Author's reply to Langford, Cowen, Chekroud and Krystal
Challenges to primary care in diagnosing and managing depression in children and young people
The promise of non-invasive prenatal testing needs to be monitored scientifically
In brief
Iron deficiency may lead to false diagnosis of diabetes
TripAdvisor for fertility clinics
We are our choices
Public must be made aware of need for research in children, report says
Many people in UK underestimate their weight
Policy to improve England's diet has failed, study finds
Report calls for $2bn global fund to kickstart antibiotic development
Withdrawal of treatment from “dying” teenager to be reconsidered by court after he defies expectations
David Sackett
Prince Charles delayed regulation of herbal medicines
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: protecting the private good?
Persistent depression doubles stroke risk despite treatment, study finds
Ending “corrupt” practices in medicine: Harvard conference report
TAS-102 prolongs overall survival in refractory colorectal cancer, study shows
Controlled trials: allocation concealment, random allocation, and blinding
Locally run cholera intervention can reduce disease burden, finds study
A third of Indian women who experience violence during pregnancy have complications
High Court rejects claim that a GP trainee's sentence was too lenient